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Ajay Trehan is an entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience in building and operating successful businesses.  Ajay founded AuthBridge in August 2005. AuthBridge has since grown rapidly to become India’s leading provider of solutions and platforms that enable trust. A pioneer in innovation and business transformation, Ajay has nurtured the organisation from a largely services based to a highly tech-enabled business model.

Ajay is very passionate about mentoring young entrepreneurs. He is on the Advisory team of various startups where he contributes a lot of his personal time helping them evolve and scale. He has been actively associated with NASSCOM and TiE, where he regularly speaks on subjects like innovation, process and business transformation, trust infrastructure etc. that are very close to his heart.

Outside work, Ajay is an avid reader and a movie buff. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from IIT Delhi. He is also a certified ISO 9001 auditor.

Q-Request you to kindly brief us about AuthBridge?

AuthBridge is a leading provider of platforms and solutions that enable trust.

Its offerings include instant identity verification, employment background screening, customer screening, partner due diligence amongst many others. The company is now significantly aiding the growth of collaborative consumption in the sharing economy by fulfilling the need for quality and trust metrics while meeting needs of instantaneity. By successful amalgamation of deep process knowledge with technology, AuthBridge has consistently innovated to stay ahead of the curve in over eleven years of its operations. The company has delivery capability in more than 140 countries and a client-base across a broad spectrum of businesses, including Fortune 500 companies. Cornell University, an Ivy League institution, has published a case study titled “‘AuthBridge: Innovating HR Operations in India” on AuthBridge’s technology innovations in the space of employment background screening.

AuthBridge is ISO 9001:2008 certified for Quality and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified for Information Security. It is an ‘empaneled background checker’ with NSR (National Skills Registry), a NASSCOM initiative.

Apart from a number of robust partnerships, AuthBridge has also won many accreditations and industry accolades including ASSOCHAM Services Excellence Award 2017 in Background Screening. For more information please visit

Q- What is role of technology in AuthBridge and are social media sites helpful in employee verification?

Advent of on-demand businesses and increased demand for convenience have led to increased adoption of technology.  At AuthBridge, we leverage technology and years of our expertise to help our customers scale faster. We are leading the wave of technology adoption and automation in the background screening industry in India.  In fact, our background screening engine, BRIDGE, is a state-of-art technology platform which is now patent pending!

Increased demand for talented & trusted employees within short span of time have led to the need for instant background verification results. Leveraging latest technology, machine learning, advanced algorithms, distributed databases etc., we can now conduct quick background checks on individuals and businesses. Leveraging technology, instant verifications have come alive in the way operations are conducted. State-of-art technology is used for the finest services in background verification to enhance delivery of services. Not only does technology deliver convenience, it also offers reduced turnaround time & faster on-boarding to deliver enhanced candidate experience, cutting down the chances of losing the candidate to a competitor!

“Within the last 2 years, we have launched number of platforms and products built on latest technology to enhance employee on-boarding experience and deliver results quickly.”

WorkAttest™, an online web-based exited employee repository, helps HR get peace of mind by automating responses to incoming employee verification requests. It also provides insights on exit employee movement to help HR get insights into shaping the culture and managing attrition at their workplace. The platform is being used by the likes of ICICI Prudential, Convergys, Manpower, HCL, DHFL Pramerica, Snapdeal, Max Life etc.

Similarly, Student Services Bureau™ is an online repository of student records for quick verification of education credentials. This provides a collaborative platform for reducing TAT and getting accurate results faster.

We have also launched VAULT- a negative repository of criminal activities, violence, credit defaults, violation of regulations and compliance etc. related to any individual. This draws information from verified sources to give you insights into a person’s past.

Coming to social media, they are good for a first level check on individuals- their likes, dislikes, behavior, daily routine etc. But it is difficult to attach credibility to this information as it is completely in control of the individual. Hence, this is yet to be leveraged on a large scale for verification.

Social Media are good for a first level check on individuals- their likes, dislikes, behavior, daily routine etc. But it is difficult to attach credibility to this information as it is completely in control of the individual. Hence, this is yet to be leveraged on a large scale for verification.

Q-It is observed that companies are beginning to use Aadhaar for employee verification and new hire, please share your views on this?

Using Aadhaar based checks, one can be thoroughly scanned for genuineness of identity in real-time. With use of advanced APIs, verification is possible in real-time. Not just verification, using Aadhaar enabled services like eKYC enhances the on-boarding experience and all personal information related to an individual gets captured with the employer. This saves time and money and protects employers against identity crises situations.

However, employee background verification does not end here. While Aadhaar based verifications are quick, they can only validate the identity of a person! While hiring employees, organizations look at a candidate’s identity, profile and reputation. Identity is validated using government issued IDs, profile is evaluated using education, address and employment verifications while reputation is gauged by police verification, criminal record checks, web and media searches, credit history checks etc.

Organizations also conduct employment verification, education verification, address checks, criminal records check and multiple other employee background checks before on-boarding candidates.

Aadhaar has enabled this process by introducing an authentic data source and reducing the turn-around time through real-time verifications using OTP/Biometrics.

Q- Managing the people and align them to common goal is challenging task, how do you manage that?

Successful organizations are result of strong teamwork and collaboration.  A motivated and connected workforce is essential to build a successful organization. At AuthBridge, employee engagement is extremely crucial. Everyone works together like a family here and we call ourselves AuthBridgians.

We have a strong leadership team at AuthBridge who drives business objectives and employee motivation. Townhall meetings and periodic communication ensure that all AuthBridigians are abreast with the latest updates related to the organization. We believe in a culture of performance; that’s why we have quarterly Rewards & Recognition ceremonies. We recognize the best performers with awards like Rising Stars, Value Champions, AuthStar, Drona, Debutants and other awards. All these awards are aligned to our values which we follow in our organization diligently. Even our goal sheets and appraisals are aligned to our values.

Every new AuthBridigan undergoes mentoring session including coffee talks with the leadership team. Regular constructive training sessions to AuthBridgians and make them understand company’s business goals and strategies and what’s expected of them to help achieve company business goals are also conducted.

Q- How do you see diversity at workplace, doesn’t it slow down decision making? 

At AuthBridge, we see diversity as a strategic edge. As simple as it may sound, but diversity encompasses race, gender, ethnic group, age, personality, cognitive style, tenure, organizational function, education, etc. It is complex to understand the level of differences, but different views & perceptions affect interactions.

Success of AuthBridge lies in its capability to embrace diversity challenges to its advantage.

A diverse workforce supplies a huge variety of solutions in sourcing, procuring and allocation of resources. These employees bring diverse talents and experiences in suggesting ideas that are flexible in adapting to fluctuating markets and customer demands.

A wide collection of skills and experiences (e.g. languages, cultures, mind-sets, backgrounds, etc.) allows us to provide customized services to customers across the globe.

The organization can draw recommendations from that pool of varying ideas and points to meet business strategy needs and the needs of customers more effectively to their full satisfaction.

“Companies that encourage diversity in the workplace invite employees of the highest ability into their organization. Company-wide strategies can then be efficiently executed resulting in profits and brand building.”

Q- What is HR Department to you? And what are your top three expectations from HR?

Human Resources at AuthBridge is a strategic business unit driving productivity into the business through talent acquisition, culture management, change management and employee engagement.

People management is the vital most task of the HR Department in our organization. This function includes hiring the right talent providing them a conducive, flexible workplace and ensuring a memorable work experience at the organization. My Top 3 expectations from HR would be:

  • Talent Acquisition– Hiring the right people is crucial for success of any organization. In today’s dynamic world, finding the right talent is still a gigantic task. It is our HR department that sets the ball rolling with selection of the right candidates in line with our values and capability requirements
  • Culture Management– Offering an employee friendly environment is crucial to retaining employees and keeping them motivated. Organization culture and values ensure that employees are always motivated and learn and grow at the expected pace of the organization
  • Employee engagement- We value employee feedback- our employees being our ambassadors and eyes and ears to the market. Hence, engagement is an important KRA for our HR department


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