Nikon appoints Sajjan Kumar as the new Managing Director for India


Nikon India, the 100% subsidiary of Nikon Corporation Tokyo, leaders in imaging technology, announced appointment of Mr. Sajjan Kumar as the new Managing Director effective June 01, 2018. Mr. Sajjan Kumar would be taking over from Mr. Kazuo Ninomiya, who after successful tenure of 3 years will be moving to Nikon Corporation, Japan for a new role.

The move is significant as Mr. Sajjan is the first Indian to be appointed as Managing Director of India subsidiary of Nikon. He brings along his total 24 years of vast experience and 10 years’ experience of working with Nikon India.

Mr. Sajjan joined Nikon India in 2008 as General Manager, Sales & Marketing and was instrumental in developing the channel & distribution network. Being the flag bearer for almost 10 years, today he takes over the role of new Managing Director from his current role of Sr. Vice President – Corporate Sales & Strategy at Nikon. He will be responsible for strengthening and spearheading the organizational growth and profitability with integrated approach towards sales, marketing and business policies excellence.

Speaking on his new role, Mr. Sajjan Kumar said, “Having spent 10 years of my career working with Nikon, I regard it as a real privilege to be given the opportunity to lead business In India. Taking on this new role as the Managing Director, I am excited to strengthen our ties with our valued stakeholders and partners. India being a diverse market provides challenging opportunities where I aspire to continue emphasizing on designing integrated strategies that will help us connect with our valued customers and partners”.

He Added, “India is so culturally rich, that every region or terrain offers ample opportunity for imaging companies like us to grow. The festivities, architecture, landscapes and diversified culture makes India a haven for photographers. We at Nikon utilize this opportunity for benefit of photographers and photography community as a whole. We are harnessing our energies for incubating and providing photography culture for minds a like!”

Source- Nikon Corporate News.



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