Rajesh Soni Elevated as the Executive Director- Corporate HR for Amtek Auto Group


Rajesh joined Amtek Group in Aug 2006 and was serving as Director & Group Head –Corporate HR has elevated as the Executive Director- Corporate HR.

He has over 25 years experience in Human Resources and previously also worked with companies like Jindal Saw Limited, JK Organization (EZ) and Harman International.

The Amtek Group, headquartered in India, is one of the largest integrated component manufacturers in India with a strong global presence. It has also become one of the world’s largest global forging and integrated machining companies. The Group has operations across Forging, Iron and Aluminium Casting, Machining and Sub-Assemblies. It has world-class facilities across India, Japan, Thailand, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Romania, UK, Brazil, Mexico and US. The Amtek Group is comprised of corporate entities Amtek Auto, JMT Auto, Amtek Global Technologies and other subsidiaries and associates. With the infrastructure and technology platform developed over 25 years, the Group is well positioned in the Indian Auto and Non-Auto component markets.


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