It is not surprising that change management has come out as the top challenge for HR in People Management function. The Challenges and Opportunities Faced by HR function in these couple of years seen that organisations aren’t able to keep the momentum of change. Change is often seen as an initiative or as a resistance for any employee-related programmes, which may or may not be connected to each other, and each one can often run out of momentum – Because many organisations still see projects as isolated schemes, they focus change management on information and trainings, rather than inspiration and employee connect.

Any change contributes to the future and development of the organisation – it’s part of a picture bigger than the project itself and needs to be approached that way, The more connected people are adapting for change, the simpler it is to encourage positive adoption.

Therefore it’s important that organisations involve their employees in the process and as when people own a change, they engage positively with it and lead to overall impact and development of Organisation. The Change process shall have a very clear Vision and clarity. It is vital to have a strong vision for the change and it shall have detailed roadmap.

And is it being described in a way which connects with employees or stakeholders in an organisation. We need to think a lot of management training programs about change is quite linear, whereas actually what connects employees is that their future would look like when the changes are done. It is important for organisations not to simply try and align changes with their current culture but the change agents shall need to align it with the culture the employees which they are looking for it. We need to involve employees from start of the process. They need to focus on building agility in the workplace and being able to handle change better. We are in the early stages of organisations building flexibility and adaptability as a standard and we have a long way to go.

It is more of case of unleashing people through the flow of information up, down and around the organisation. It’s not so complicated and when this happens, change can be adopted very much easily.

Few good rules for Organisations undergoing a change management programme-

  • We need to involve employees first.
  • Think about the Change will have an impact.
  • Always give everyone ownership of the change.
  • Need to have good communication channel – Open and clear.
  • Need to think differently and plan for Change for the good Overall Organisation development.

Every company is unique, like every individual within – Every change will impact teams, groups or individuals in very different ways, so change management programme needs to tell – have tools which shall have smooth transition at all levels. The same overall rules and principles shall be applied but that shall be accessible and allow everyone to explore and connect with change in their own context.”
Communication is everything here in Change Management Process for any Organisation – Organisations shall be aware that employees go through the change curve at different speeds and employees need to adjust – They need to have a strategy where employees are supported through the complete change process and they all shall be communicated.

Communication ways can be Intranet, Emails and Newsletters and showcasing on Notice boards of various blocks in the Organisation. We need to listen to employee’s needs and their challenges and need to have a constructive mode of communication process.

Change Management in an Organisation is by not only – just being top down –but by engaging employees at all levels.

Author- Sharad Chandra,Manager – Human Resources at Aizant Drugs.He is young, energetic and passionate – HR professional with over 18 years experience. Previously he has worked for companies like Deloitte Consulting, Granules India, Aurobindo Pharma and presently serving at Aizant.


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