What is the best employee onboarding process?


Employee onboarding is an important step post recruitment, which is often overlooked or not given enough importance. It is a process where a new employee is welcomed into the organization. Once a new candidate has been hired, you must ensure that he has a pleasant experience right from his date of joining.

New joiners are often anxious on their first day, hence it’s important to make them feel at ease and not be hostile towards them. Make them feel welcome and show that you are happy to have them on board. 

Here are a few ways by which you can add value to your employee onboarding process.


1- Reach out before their start date

Send across an email to the new hire welcoming them to the organization and inform them of their date of joining, the time they are supposed to arrive at and the contact person at the office. New employees tend to be slightly lost on their first day at the new workplace, so it’s a good idea to assign someone to guide them (a buddy) into the office and make them feel comfortable. Also, remind them of all the documents they are required to bring along on the first day.

2- Documentation

A major part of the first day is spent on documentation work. Reading and signing sets of documents can be a tiring task for anybody. One can opt for a cloud-based onboarding process and let the new employee fill in some basic forms before their joining date. This might save some time on their first day.

An online onboarding tool will simplify the process for the HR and the employee. It would save an ample amount of time and cost by eliminating the need for printing out pages after pages for the documentation work. All the necessary documents can be uploaded to the cloud-based tool, making it accessible whenever needed.

3- Keep the Workstation Ready

Keep the workstation that is allocated for the new employee ready and clean. Make sure that their laptop/computer is ready for use. Ensure that the login IDs and telephone lines are set up in advance. Develop and keep their office IDs and other access keys ready. And if it fits your budget and corporate policies, have a welcome kit on their desk with your company branded stationery and small gifts. It will bring a smile to new employees, more often than not.


1- Documentation

Guide them through the documents and be there to assist them in case of doubts.

If you are using an automated onboarding software, you can upload all the forms and documents on to the online portal, instead of handling multiple documents in the physical form. It also enables the employee to upload all his/her documents onto the portal and sign them with an electronic signature. This makes the documentation process on the first day a little convenient, saving time for the employee and the HR personnel.

2- Orientation

Inductions and orientations can be made interesting by opting for mobile-based orientation apps. Employees can go through the content and also view the status through a progress bar. This will give them an understanding of how much they have completed and how much there is yet to be completed. It will also help the HR to track the new employee’s progress. You can also add quizzes at the end of each module to review the understanding of the employee.

An orientation must give them an understanding of the company’s rules and objectives and also explain about the benefits and facilities available, the different tools available for various functions, e.g. attendance log, payroll, time-sheets, leave application tool etc.

3- Company Tour

Give them an official tour of the organization, showing different facilities, such as the cafeteria, restroom, printer room etc. and different departments, such as IT, HR, accounts and finance, and introduce them to various department heads. This will give them an idea of where to go and whom to contact in case they have a relevant query. Provide them with the security access required to enter the office premises. You can also acquaint them with the informal codes and norms of the company- break timings, dress code etc.

4- Introduction with the Team

Introduce the new employee to his/her team members. Arrange for a team lunch on the first day so that the employee can familiarize him/herself with his/her new colleagues. This is a good exercise to start a healthy conversation in an informal setting and will also help them in integrating with the team.


1- Assign A Mentor

It is important for a new employee to have someone to guide them during their initial days. Assign a mentor so that the new hire will have someone as a go-to person to ask questions.

2- Current Project

Give them an insight into the current project that is being worked upon. Guide them through the work process and their job responsibilities, but don’t overburden them with information.

3- Training Plan

Develop a training plan and share it with the employee so that they know what to expect in the coming week. Give them small tasks to complete.

Once the new employee has completed a month in your organization, sit with them for a one-to-one chat and ask them about their experience till date. Gather their feedback about the work and the general work environment, and if you find that they are facing any difficulties, try to find a viable solution. Set short-term goals, review their performance and provide timely feedback. It is important that their contribution to the organization is appreciated in order to motivate them to perform better.

Many organizations today are realizing the value of a well-structured employee onboarding plan. It is a crucial step in order to help the employee to smoothly settle into the organization. Create a robust recruitment process and keep the employees well motivated in order to reduce the attrition rate of the organization and retain the best employees.

Author- Deepti  Raut has almost 15 years experience in Human Resources and currently working with HurixDigital  as Director- HR.

Source– Social Media, she has published this Article on LinkedIn.


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