Delivery staff strike disrupts Swiggy in some parts of Chennai


Services of food delivery firm Swiggy were disrupted in parts of Chennai on Wednesday, after delivery executives went on strike over the revised salary plan.

Meanwhile, Swiggy said in a statement that it is ensuring that delivery partners have access to additional earning opportunities, incentives and benefits.

Several users took to Twitter to share their anguish over Swiggy not delivering in their localities. For parts of Chennai, especially south Chennai, a message saying ‘Temporarily unavailable. We’re sorry. Delivery is not possible at the moment due to unforeseen circumstances’, appeared on the app.

Workers gathered at a few spots in the city with the intention of communicating a list of demands towards the company’s management. Personnel speaking on behalf of the striking deliverymen said that the strike would continue indefinitely if the management did not heed to their requests.

“The protests are over the newly devised salary plan,” says Vigneshwaran, a Swiggy executive in Chennai. “Delivery boys are protesting in various pockets across the country. On Monday, a new scheme was brought out which said that instead of the Rs. 36 that we were getting, the amount will be reduced to Rs. 35 for the first four kilometres. We didn’t think much of it because it was a reduction of just one rupee,” he adds.

“We realized that the money we usually got for waiting time and the total amount for delivery, were being reduced without any explanation,” says the delivery executive. “In addition to this, incentives were being withheld over paltry excuses of login time. Earlier, someone who worked 70 hours got Rs. 450 as incentive. Now, even if he works for 90 hours, incentive is not given sometimes,” he adds.

However, Swiggy refuted these claims and said that services have only been disrupted in parts of Chennai with services running normally in the rest of the country.

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