Decoding Personality: Popular Psychometric Test- Vishal Verma

Decoding Personality An insight using popular psychometric test - Vishal Verma

Decoding Personality: An Insight Using Popular Popular Psychometric Test By Vishal Verma

Personal identity refers to those attributes of an individual that make her/him not quite the same as others. Understanding your own and other’s personality can be a vital step by recognizing the distinction and dealing with the difficulties, reading the personality.

The book by Vishal Verma “Decoding Personality an insight using the popular psychometric test is an extremely powerful handbook for those who are interested in understanding personality and all human resource professionals. Both paperback and Kindle edition is available on Amazon. This book will assist to understand what kind of personality one has or people around them or in their organizations. The book starts with understanding the self and goes deep into preferences and how the preferences make the personality. The book further investigates the personality types on the four-temperament theory, and Carl Jung’s four-preferential scale and goes into MBTI types proposed by Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers.

It is recommended to understand the personality to take a psychometric assessment which has been validated, but the author has given a different perspective. The author has proposed to understand the concept and then work on relating it to your personality. The focus of the book is to understand the personality with special emphasis on MBTI. The dynamics, structure, and almost everything you wish to know about the personality types.

Although this is not the only book on personality and many books and research papers are available. The original book, Gifts Differing: Understanding Personality Type. by the creator of the MBTI, which explains the Myers & Briggs personality types of typologies and celebrates the diversity of personality types no doubt is one of the masterpieces.

Furthermore, as the author himself recommends going for psychometric test, we also recommend the same. However, we can say, “This book is super practical for those interested in personality.” The book will really help one understand their personality type and it help to access the areas of focus and how to work towards your goals. On the flip side, it would be more beneficial if more psychometric tests would have been covered.


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