5 Roles That Empower Human Resource Departments


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“People, Process, Policies, structure, skills, strategy all need to be effective. Leadership is not only for top management, it is to be at every level of the organization”

Empowerment is universal Law and essence of Life,  HR roles in light of Panchtatva:

The word ‘panchatatva’ originates from Sanskrit, indicates elements of the universal law of life. Prithvi (Earth) Body, Jal (Water) Mind, Agni (Fire) Intelligence, Vayu (Air) Awareness, and Akash (Sky), Consciousness they are the fundamental to all attributes in this Universe.

Panchatatva Empowerment Five Roles that empowers HR department & Don’ts
First Element: Body as Earth: Indicates Core/Root. Being an active part of the strategic planning for Resources- Knowing the business Plan and iterations from time to time…  HR as an Integral part  of Strategic Planning as a body and soul.  Issue: Dominance on the Staffing function by the Business Heads leading to lopsided and partial view then bigger picture for the organization. Leading to Individual traits.  
1: Originator & Owner bring in and create right – Talent, skill, motives, attitudes and cultures. (Bring in right body and mind)  
Don’ts:  Short term V/s. Long term… Just being number driven and not having big picture in the mind.
Second Element: Water as mind it indicates both flow and solidification of the energy Constantly having a Right interaction with Business leaders and Management, have that kind of energy to ensure there is a continuous flow of the information and be clear on stating the facts. Issue: Integration and development of the employees, no definite program, due to lack of complete picture to HR team, Programs are either the outdated or available does not addresses the real need of Integration and development. For development missing solid measurements, Leads organization to lose ability to be agile in responding to external challenges.  
2: Initiator: Employee Integration and Development – Definite plan and re-look at it from time to time as per organizations needs, capture on regular basis the changing needs of the organization and employees, managers, and top management. Measurement in terms of success of the Integrations, development effectiveness and impact.  
Don’ts:  Copy & Paste the best practice from the successful organization and missing the core required for your organization. To make a right integration and development program It takes efforts, budget, time and contributions from all stakeholders and regular reviews.
Third Element: Fire as an intelligence: the middle man between the Mind and the inner Awareness. Performance Management and assessment: fine balance between Logic of business outcomes and Emotions by the individuals on their contributions as Logic v/s. Emotions are two different dimensions and high level of objectivity can resolve it. Issue: PMS as critical process for stakeholders, the right balance to respond to people and business challenges is an ongoing evolution.  
3: Performance Management and OD Champion: Understanding the needs for people and organization goal, empowered and capable people managers to handle the communication and process, thus owning and enabling by HR needs a real skill.  
Don’ts: Not Letting go the ownership and not practicing enabling: Managers directing their team members to HR or Top Management for performance grading.
Fourth Element: Air as Awareness: can also be linked to space and atmosphere, is a powerful life source for sustaining. Being Aware and having to accept the situation are two different things and it is different for everyone thus need its own space to get in to individual awareness to make it work and be sustained  Issue: it is unavoidable to have a stable state, it is inevitable for the talent to go through the change and challenge. Talent need to  need to  understand the strength and improvement they need. fear of losing the top talent organizations avoid the process leads to more adversity in long-term.  
4: Transformer with Coaching and Mentoring:  Coaching, Mentoring, ensuring to have a right feedback for the growth and improvements required. Enabling managers to be coach.  
Don’ts: Missing impact and measurement and becoming soft process then measurable impact.
Sky as Consciousness: remains undisturbed by Awareness, Intelligence, Mind and Body. , but all the four cannot function or exist without Consciousness.All the above four, can be experienced, but not the Consciousness, because it is the experiencer itself.    Empowerment is an Inside out process and thus employees needs to sense the environment means for his growth as provides for the empowerment factors. The consciousness lets the inside out happen. Issue: in the VUCA business world the key is communication from top down. It creates a high trust culture in the organization, when you hear from outside source creates doubtful environment.    
5: Organization conscious & Culture keeper- Employee champion and link to ensure that transparent, faithful and trustful environment is created with the help of top management. Channels, process, programs for employees to reach to top management and seek Important communication and happening in the organization.  
Don’ts: Imbalance too little or too much, both losses the core purpose.

5: Pre-requisite HR for Empowerment:(Commitment, Competence, Alignment, Crises management, Team work and Synergy) Committed to make it happen -Strive to Thrive:

  • Commitment for challenging tasks with seeking authority, empowerment, decision-making
  • Competence:  What you can do you -Skill, Knowledge and How: behaviour, attitude, approach.
  • Your Yellow is my Yellow, not shade here and there. – Perfect Alignment on thoughts and actions:what to say and how to say, use specific words to identify the what you want, such as “explore options,” “recommend alternatives,” or “come up with a plan,” or “do what you think is best.”
  • Be Proactive, Be Transparent and know to get over the crises: Master over Art and science of getting over crises.
  • One Plus, one is much more than 10, Team work and Synergy to be part of life. Relay Baton Passing Race– Upsweep, Down sweep or Push Pass? where in all are losers or winners as a team. Synergy and team work proves the mathematics  wrong.

Leaders must consider new ways to change the attitudes and behaviour of employees.

The psychological contract that traditionally bound employees to their employers has been fraying. Many of today’s workers, having experienced the pain of the economic downturn and large-scale layoffs, no longer feel as much loyalty and commitment to their organizations as they did even a decade ago. Job hopping has been described as the “new normal,” and millennials are expected to hold 15 to 20 positions over the course of their working lives.

Article McKinsey Quarterly April 2016: Winning hearts and minds in the 21st century By Tessa Basford and Bill Schaninger.


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