Top 05 HR Tech trends that will influence in 2020


As HR is as prone to trends as any other industry, it’s good to have a clue about what’s going on in this area. A decade ago, HR was only about recruitment but now HR is a strategic partner, and that is reflected in new-age HR Tech trends as well. So, what’s the next big thing coming down the line in HR tech? From payroll automation to artificial intelligence in recruitment and using technology to improve physical and mental wellbeing and prevent burnout. A lot is there …

Some of the expected HR Tech trends for 2020 and the foreseeable future, that HR professionals need to be aware of, are listed here:

1-Remote Working

It’s one of the biggest trends. An IWG study shows 58% of office going Indian employees work remotely at least once every week. Clearly, a growing number of people are opting to work from home or even from exotic locations around the country or across the globe. The ability to work remotely is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after employee perks, but also quite the administrative challenge—businesses now have to be ready to connect employees in different time zones and take steps to ensure they all have equal learning and development opportunities. Fortunately, technology has countless solutions on hand and will no doubt keep focusing on bringing distributed teams together.

2-Cloud-Based HR

When you have a remote team, your HR department might be remote, too. This is where comprehensive HR platforms in the cloud—the future of resource management—come in. There are already multiple all-in-one HR platforms available, including the one that used by Buffer, that integrate a lot of separate aspects of HR management, like payroll, benefits, time management, onboarding, and collaborative software. Using cloud-based HR software is slowly becoming the norm not only for globally distributed teams. It’s much more scalable, so it’s great for fast-growing businesses, where it allows HR professionals to work with real-time data. There’s a clear shift in the industry from using HR software focused on helping HR teams to integrated suites that simultaneously support employees and managers in their jobs.

3- Employee Wellness Apps

Employee wellness has an impact on the company as a whole, on team productivity, and job performance. No wonder it’s a huge trend at the moment. Wellness apps allow workers to remain as fit as possible. Wearable devices powered by software platforms allow employees to monitor fitness levels. HR departments are using data collected from such wellness apps to create suitable fitness challenges for every employee. Because wellness apps collect data daily for a significant period of time they allow HR departments to create tailor-made fitness challenges that are fun and make employees fitter. So we’ll see more personalized health and wellness systems fueled by employee data. Platforms using gamification and wearables will continue to grow, but there is a notable shift of focus towards employee mental health.

4- People Analytics

This is one of the most significant of HR Tech trends observed by the industry pundits. The HR department’s job is significantly more than just recruiting the right people with the required skillset. The HR division of a company must ensure that those recruits are motivated to work and remain with their new organizations for the expected duration if not longer. This is why a growing number of companies are using people analytics software in HR to recruit talent. Globally, approximately 71% of organizations believe that people analytics technology is a high priority of which 31% said it was very important to their organization.

5- Employer Branding & Experience

According to LinkedIn, 72% of recruiters agreed that a company’s brand and reputation have a significant impact not only on the recruitment process, but also on the organization’s bottom line, reducing cost-per-hire, and bringing in more qualified applicants. In short, this is by no means a short-lived trend, but rather area organizations have to take a closer look at if they haven’t already. And again, technology can help—from growing job boards and company review sites to career sites integrated with HR software and social media. And this candidate experience mitigates one of the biggest issues of the businesses today—recruitment.

Edited by SightsIn Plus Team, Reference – Monterail and inc42


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