Top 4 Global HR Trends for 2020

Talent Priorities New Normal
Dr. Sanjeev Dixit, CHRO-International Business, The Himalaya Drug Company, Dubai

“With VUCA becoming a New Normal, Like any other Business Function, Human Capital Management has to reinvent itself into Human Change Management” – Dr. Sanjeev Dixit

The above-mentioned adage reality is one of the biggest shift which will influence the HR trends in 2020 and beyond. Human Capital Management will transcend into Human Change management wherein it will align, influence, coerce and involve all its stakeholders from Promoters, CEO, CXOs, Board of Directors, shareholders into making Change real-time and making it integral to Culture Blueprint of the Organization.

Keeping in view of the above paradigm shift following HR trends needed to be proactively embraced by Organisation further anchored by CEO & people effectiveness Organisation

Culture Focused Leadership From Strategy-Driven Leadership

Culture eats Strategy all three meals and meals are served by none other than the CEO. This is quoted by me in my recent culture transformation oriented book titled PLAN C. This is very relevant as an organization is failing primarily because of being highly focused & obsessed with strategy execution and risk management. Organizations need to build Plan C to make Culture transformation as the core of all strategies and drive Organisation growth by having Culture Vision to become an ideal organization by focusing on solving big business problems by addressing the root causes and not symptoms. Build Culture KPIs and review every month to achieve High-performance Culture step by step. This is going to very relevant especially when AI, Big data, Virtual reality, and robotics are making the work environment impersonal and the only differentiator between good & great organization will be the creation of a strong culture based ecosystem which fosters leveraging of strengths of human capital and achieving Business transformation through people transformation.

Middle Line Management Focus

Till date, everyone in an organization has been driven by Top-line and Bottom-line but never focus on Middle line management which is to rigorously drive Values & Beliefs (build the Middle line) oriented behaviors through immediate, definite and affirmative reinforcers & consequences. Middle line Management is a term coined by me to bring a completely fresh and heightened focus on building, strengthening and leveraging human skills than any other things to achieve sustainable success and growth.

No Talent Engagement But Complete Talent Experience

In 2020 and beyond, new Talent will not be delivering discretionary performance by conventional engagement initiatives but providing a holistic experience to them in terms of instant gratification in the form of versatile exposure, learning, challenging roles that are not rigid but flexible. Gig Talent & Interim Managers will be the new talent workforce that will join in a big way across industries and looking at their flexible terms of stay in the organization, their productive delivery will be decided by their quick contribution & ROI through mutually value-adding experience and exposure. Complete Talent Experience will enable the creation of huge Business Value in a sustainable manner.

De-risking People-Centric Business risks

HR has to lead the business growth by working on a focused manner on de-risking people-centric Business risks e.g. Culture, Capability/Competencies, Cost, Communication, etc for keeping Organisation always in Future-ready mode. CHRO’s main value adds will be to coach stakeholders to appreciate the de-risking of people risks by owning the agenda and run with it.

By doing the above, HR will enable new CEO for the Organization which is “Culture of Excellence in Organization”

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Dr. Sanjeev Dixit, CHRO, International Business, The Himalaya Drug Company, Dubai. Sanjeev is a Global HR leader with a distinguished career driving business transformations and sustainable Human Resource models across diversified business sectors. Prior to joining The Himalaya Drugs, he has worked with companies like Allied Blenders & Distillers Pvt. Ltd as Chief People Officer, and with Alstom India as Country HR Director. And earlier, he worked with companies like PepsiCo. PT Indorama, Philips Lighting, Escorts, and Aditya Birla Group.


  1. this is a brilliant concept. Organizational culture is often overlooked and it is the essence of how a company will truly achieve a competitive edge… you concepts are sound and companies should implement them


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