Top 5 HR Trends in 2020


In conversation with SightsIn Plus, Saurabh Govil, President and Chief Human Resource Officer, Wipro shares the following Top 5 HR trends for 2020.

Employee experience 

Employee experience will be the overriding factor in people process decisions. In 2020 I see more and more organizations realizing its importance and making it mainstay of their HR strategy.

Change Management

With so many transitions Change Management will be prime. Today we see shortened change cycles and an unprecedented pace of change. This is an opportunity for HR to redesign change models and anchor the change agenda.

Human and Technology Interaction

An aspect I see emerging is the human and technology interaction. AI and bots are augmenting roles. HR fraternity will have to manage this transition. At one level it will be about retraining people (which most companies are already doing) however at another level it will be about clarifying attitudes.

Evidence-based Decision Making

Evidence-based decision making will be another key trend. Talent analytics will be leveraged by HR professionals to guide business decisions. My view is that even smaller organizations will adopt leading practices. Data accessibility for all and investments in HR analytics will increase.

HR Agenda and Structure  

Finally, I also visualize changes in the HR agenda and structure. I sense that in most industries HR operations will be heavily influenced by RPA/AI etc. HR functions will become leaner, more agile. HR professionals will be expected to be experts in areas rather than generalists. 2020 is likely to see organizations move to newer HR structures. 

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