HR & Future of Work Predictions 2022 and Beyond

HR & Future of Work Predictions 2022 and Beyond
Invest in fun activities that facilitate organic conversation and build psychological safety.

HR & Future of Work Predictions 2022 and Beyond

Don’t just focus on replicating work experiences digitally, focus on replicating the human experience at work – As the battle for talent rages on, employers must be as purposeful about replicating the human experience digitally as they are about replicating the work digitally.

VR and the metaverse will present massive opportunities to digitize precious in-person time and create a sense of connection, but until these technologies become as ubiquitous as the internet, companies must be just as intentional about bringing their teams together in the virtual world as they are in reality. 

Purpose and execution matter equally in the success of both. Alternatively, when the opportunity does present itself for teams to gather in-person – don’t use that precious time to do work! The best collaboration emerges from trust, and this is fostered through shared experience. Invest in fun activities that facilitate organic conversation and build psychological safety.

When it comes to work management tools, a jack-of-all-trades is a master-of-none – As the market demand for tools to help manage work continues to grow, we will see an explosion of new work management tools heading in two distinct directions.

Many vendors will parse out core components of work into dedicated apps to solve specific needs in a more refined way. On the opposite end of the spectrum are the all-in-one counterparts, building tools that claim to do everything from whiteboarding to document collaboration.

As this split crystallizes, a lingering question remains: Is a jack-of-all-trades really a master-of-none? As the graveyard of tried-and-tossed tools emerges in 2022, IT managers, team leads and CIOs will need to think holistically about how the tools work together to provide the level of visibility that teams need. Enter integrations as key to this ideal state.

We know there will never be a tool to rule them all (sorry Gollum), so the real question is, “How well do your tools come together to serve the whole organization’s needs, from the C-suite to the individual worker?”

By- Michael Pryor, Head of Product, Trello Atlassian

More human and less ‘resources’ – We need to use the forced experiment of the last 18 months to build a better new normal centered around unleashing the potential of people. Leaders have been touting that people are their biggest asset for years, yet data from our recent State of Teams study shows we are far from delivering on our promises.

A fool with a tool is still a fool, but now they’re just at home in activewear. They need psychological safety, purpose, reliable rituals, and strong empathetic leadership to thrive and reach their full potential – and when we start doing that, we’ll build highly effective sustainable teams.

Leaders need to walk the talk or employees will walk – Employees worldwide are redefining what matters most to them as they demand business leaders take a more comprehensive view of their wellbeing and act on the issues that impact their daily lives, families, and communities.

By- Dominic Price Work Futurist, Atlassian


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