Digital Agility: Getting Ready for Digital Transformation


Have you noticed, in the past 3-5 years we are more dependent on our Smart Phones? Last time I realized that My Smart Phone has a bigger memory (RAM) and a better processor than my Laptop. Even, My Smart Phone camera has better technology than my Digital Camera/DSLR. I am sure, while you are reading this article some technology is getting re-engineered and while some might also getting scrapped.

The entire world is getting squeezed into our hands by a Smart Phone, leaving laptops like fancy gadgets behind and making them idle. This is because of the continuous evolution in technology, which has now become an un-separated part of our life”

Thanks to IoT, instead of listening to others we have started exploring the facts on our own. We have become more technology-driven and IoT driven day by day. Thanks to the affordable and accessible Internet Services in recent times Digital Accessibility of upgraded Technology is available to every common man around.

In this era of self-driven & Independent Ideology, employees have evolved to share more, connect more and grow more than ever.The Millennial and the X/Y/Z-Generation are equally demanding for fast track development. Where the study says, Technology Advancement is 4 times faster than the Human Adaptation, are we agile enough for the HR Transformation?

The Employee oriented approaches in HR have been evolved over a few Decades and numerous new technologies have been introduced to support the movement. This is to join the pace of Human adaption through environmental changes. Here the “environmental” means the factors and surrounding that affects employees’ decisions in their professional life. Employees are expecting Smart and Independent processes that can be delivered to them via a technology-driven platform. Employees now believe that their performance in each step of their journey in the organization should be recognized instantly and the turnaround of their performances is expected to be rewarded as fast as possible. To enable this HR needs to be aware of basic technology advancement and keep updating its tools which can deliver better values and faster results for the employees. While employees are increasing their Digital literacy, HR also needs to upgrade its technological awareness. Application of the technology into an employee’s daily life is not only going to empower employees with smarter HR platforms but also going to support HR to execute it in a controlled environment.

HR is not limited to Personal Information Management or “Curved” Performance Evaluations or creating an engaged culture within the organization… not any more. HR is now a Business Enabler acting as a Business Partner who understands the Business Need and Develops the Workforce to witness a Productive Journey. Although HR transformation Journey over the past has been recommendable, we are yet to step into the Digital Transformation for HR.

In recent times we have seen the Fin-Tech industry grown at a very high speed as the Financial Sectors have started adopting the Technology-based operations and results are much faster than ever. The decisions are now quick and it is pure fact “DATA” driven.

Various firms offer Business Intelligence tools which are primarily based on Big Data Analytics (with Data Behavioural Pattern & Trends), Database re-engineering, Machine Learning, AI Robotics and this has been a key to the Digital Movements that we are witnessing now.

Although these words sound too complicated to us, but we must know that these are the Basic Data Analysis tools. We do know them in our regular works in different names. The only difference here is that the Analytical Dimensions in these platforms are way very flexible and dynamic to make it fun using. You would love to slice and dice your data as per your need and arrive at the decisive conclusion in just a few minutes. HR is the second-largest data owner after finance in almost every organization and Data Analytics must be applied for faster and accurate findings. While Data Analytics has become the base for our Next Leap, easy-to-access Applications for employees has already started showing the real impact. This enables employees to use it independently and coverage is not limited to their Desktops any more. The Smart Phone-based HR Applications are proven to be more effective for employees and it is also showing the possible empowerment for HR to evaluate and assess it in real-time.

A recent transformation like Recruitment Automations, which are saving lots of money and time for Organizations. AI & Machine Learning is being introduced to assess an Employee, based on their continuous feedback Analysis. Business Intelligence has become a part of Employee’s Data trend analytics and is now helping HR to take constructive decisions. Employee Grievances are getting replaced with Virtual Assistants (HR-BOTs) proving it to be more timely, accurate and effective. Trust me, this is just the beginning. Time is apt for HR Leaders to integrate technology into their DNA of HR processes which will empower them and support them to become agile, younger and digital-ready.

The current Industry demands HR with Comprehensive Business Orientation. While at Macro level Digital transformations will bring True Entrepreneurship; at Micro Level, it will establish a core HR with more Reality than Assumptions.

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Satya Narayan Maharana, Head-Talent Management & Organizational Development at Haier Appliances India Pvt Ltd., a subsidiary to Haier Group (The Leading Consumer Durable Brand Globally). He is a passionate Human Resource Professional with more than 14 Years of experience in various industries like Information Technology, Plantations and Agriculture and Consumer Durable. He is a risk taker, a positive thinker, and a focused strategist to reach the ultimate goals. Previously, he has worked with various industries to gain learning about their natural Human Resource processes and then augmented them into a Better Shaped Transformational success stories. Satya is a change champion and he believes that HR should not be kept limited to Functional Roles, to match up the Industry demand HR shall be future ready.


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