How Machine Learning is Revolutionizing Talent Acquisition


Talent hiring for any organization is critical and we are in technology disruptive world where Talent hiring needs and the processes are quite different.

We have to innovate our hiring processes and get along with the Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.

While it might seem ironic, artificial intelligence and machine learning are on the verge of lending a helping hand when it comes to solving the problems of Recruitment and Talent Acquisition.

Recruiting is one of the toughest issues, organizations are facing today. Hence some innovative Software giants involved in AI are taking up the challenge of improving the Talent Acquisition function – its efficiency and effectiveness.

We need to adapt and incorporate these algorithms in our software and make our processes simplify and robust, and need to know few details:

  • What are the different types of AI applications – currently in use for recruitment?
  • How are the organizations and market responding to new innovative AI/Machine learning?
  1. Recruitment: Using AI / Machine Learning – Training on algorithms shall help employers to automate the existing recruitment process and to have the resumes, application reviews online and through automated AI.
  2. Sourcing: AI / Machine Learning help to identify top candidates from large pool of data.
  3. Candidates Screening and Engagement: Organizations are developing AI Assistants/Machine Learning in pre-screening the candidates.
  4. Resume Screening: Traditionally resume screening is performed manually, using criteria that may not be standardized for every CV. This system creates inherent bias. By using standard parameters to develop the criteria for an ideal candidate, the AI can identify those required details and pattern recognition.

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) will provide talent acquisition professionals with the tools they need to be more strategic and insightful when making hiring decisions and streamline the transactional side of recruiting. Majority of the recruiters and hiring managers across the globe identified these trends, among others, as being the most impact.

Most of the companies are already using data to some degree to solve talent issues and that most Recruiting professionals expect AI will eventually transform their roles.

AI is in the early stages of revolutionizing talent acquisition by helping the Talent Sourcers and Recruiters to work faster and in a smarter way by automating the mundane administrative tasks and generating computer-based approach. Now data is everywhere. Recruiters need to embrace it and use it in proper approach, having strategic way to get better results and drive productivity and efficiency.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is more of machine-driven, which can mimic human abilities such as learning, problem-solving, planning, perception and the ability to move objects, these technologies are used to streamline, automate or even eliminate certain parts of the recruitment process. Today, these technologies AI and Machine Learning help the Recruitment Manager by removing the repetitive tasks in sourcing and resume database and scheduling. AI/Machine learning – help companies hire more relevant talent faster and even help them improve their gender ratio.

AI/Machine Learning helps companies automatically schedule, set up interviews and even assess candidates based on pre-defined criteria. This automation frees up valuable time of the Recruitment Manager and to focus on other value-added activities.

Talent Acquisition space with AI and Machine Learning solution providers will start to take an end-to-end view of the recruitment process and helps to build and acquire / integrate relevant solutions in their platform. This will bring even more data which would then make the AI-powered processes even more efficient and effective. We see a great future for use of AI in Talent Acquisition.

Author- Sharad Chandra,Manager – Human Resources at Aizant Drugs.He is young, energetic and passionate – HR professional with over 18 years experience. Previously he has worked for companies like Deloitte Consulting, Granules India, Aurobindo Pharma and presently serving at Aizant.


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