Top 10 HR Tech Tools You Need to Win 2021

Top 10 HR Tech Tools You Need to Win 2021
The pandemic has changed the overall role of HR and the activities performed by HR professionals. As more and more organizations made the transition to remote work or adopted a hybrid workplace model

Top 10 HR Tech Tools You Need to Win 2021

As an HR professional, you must be wondering how to create a workplace experience that meets the needs of the modern workforce. Don’t worry you are not the only one, HR leaders all across the globe are facing a similar challenge.

Attracting, managing, engaging, and retaining employees is a real struggle for organizations. This is why they need to find a way through which they can overcome all these obstacles that hinder their efforts to offer great employee experiences. 

In this fast-paced, digitally-driven environment, it is imperative for organizations to espouse technology to cope with the challenges that each new year brings in. Without technology, it is quite difficult to manage the workforce, acquire new talents, or even drive employee engagement, especially in this covid marred world.

The pandemic has changed the overall role of HR and the activities performed by HR professionals. As more and more organizations made the transition to remote work or adopted a hybrid workplace model, there has been an increased demand for tools or technologies that made this transition easier. 

Below are the top 10 HR tech tools that you need to win in 2021 

Recruitment Management System

According to the Recruiting Software Impact Report by Capterra, 75% of recruiters and hiring professionals use a recruiting or applicant tracking system. The reason why so many recruiters are relying on an ATS is that it makes job listing, sourcing and screening candidates, scheduling interviews, sending offer letters, a piece of cake.

An ATS allows you to create streamlined and user-friendly careers pages that act as a great help to both recruiters and job seekers. 

Employee Onboarding Software 

According to a study by Gallup, only 12% of organizations have a great onboarding experience, as reported by employee onboarding statistics. You can streamline your onboarding process with HR Tech employee onboarding software.

The automation of the various steps involved in onboarding such as background verification, new hire paperwork, payroll coordination, assets provisioning, etc. can help HR leaders save a lot of time and effort.

You can utilize the time saved by automating these manual or tedious tasks to make your new hire familiar with other team members and work culture. 

Payroll Software

If error-free payroll processing is your goal, then you must opt for payroll management software. Payroll software helps you get rid of all the paperwork, stay compliant, generate reports and payslips.

It makes payroll computations and deductions quicker. With payroll management software in place, you no longer need to understand complex tax legislation.

HR Tech Payroll software allows you to pay your employees on time and without any errors which prevents employee frustration. 

Performance Management System 

Managing or measuring the performance of a remote workforce can be challenging. This is why it is prudent to opt for a performance management system that makes it easy to track or monitor employee performance.

You can set goals, share continuous feedback, exchange 360-degree feedback, or evaluate employee performance and view all data at a glance with the help of a 9-box matrix.

The 9-box matrix allows you to identify top performers, average performers, or low performers. You can use this data to reward and recognize deserving talent.  

Employee Engagement Software

According to a Gallup study,  highly engaged workplaces saw 41% lower absenteeism. This means keeping employees engaged should be the top priority of HR leaders.

An employee onboarding software helps managers to get into the roots of the employee’s needs, behaviors, and aspirations so that they can offer them the support they need.

Employee engagement software helps HR leaders to take the pulse of their employees’ moods, improve communication and collaboration, and keep everyone in the organization aligned with the company goals and vision.

Time and Attendance Management System

A time and attendance management system can prove to be really beneficial in this changing business landscape. Tracking employee’s time and attendance in an office setup is much easier compared to the remote working environment.

However, with a time and attendance management system you can keep a tab on your employees’ activities. It also allows you to generate and access detailed time and attendance records, manage timesheets, and helps in ensuring payroll accuracies. 

Benefits Administration 

Today, organizations have also started focusing on benefits that help them attract and retain top talents. When we talk about leveraging the benefits of financial services, the first thing that comes to mind is excessive paperwork, long waiting hours, and tedious processes, but with benefits administration software you can easily eliminate all this.

Many HR tech companies have entered the embedded finance space to offer financial benefits to organizations that can help them reduce their employees’ financial stress.

Employee Self-Service Portal

Autonomy is something that is admired a lot by the new workforce. So it is advisable to give them adequate autonomy to carry out their tasks. An employee self-service portal allows your employees to upload or update their information, change their profiles, or raise tickets, or mark their attendance from any device, and download their payslips.

When employees have access to all these basic functionalities it becomes easy for them to update their information, also it helps reduce the administrative burden on HR personnel. 

Employee Helpdesk 

Employee satisfaction tends to increase automatically when internal support queries or issues are resolved promptly. A helpdesk acts as a centralized location for all internal queries. You can also create a knowledge base where you can answer all the frequently asked questions.

This will help you offer quick, consistent responses to your employees. An automated ticketing system in the helpdesk allows employees to raise a query or request via email or online portal, and monitor the status to see when their case will be resolved. It allows the helpdesk team to easily organize, manage, prioritize, respond to, and resolve employee queries. 

Centralized document repository

A document management system allows you to store and organize all your business and employee-related documents in a single secure place.

You can store employee records, resumes, and important company papers, attendance records, and other valuable documents in a centralized system. Having all documents in one place makes it extremely easy for HR leaders to access the document whenever needed. It also prevents you from losing any important documents. 

So these are some of the top HR tech tools to win 2021. All these tools help organizations prepare for challenges that might arise anytime. Investing in the right technology can help you attract and retain A-players who can help your organization achieve new heights.


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