Top 5 HR Technology Trends in 2020


Being at the epicenter of the digital revolution, technology can play a differentiated role in providing state of the art employee experiences. Today, the complexity in our personal lives is made simple through well-orchestrated services enabled by advanced technologies. Technologies, such as AI & ML, have already started to transform almost all aspects of HR, ranging from candidate experience at hiring to recommending personalized learning content & career development opportunities and the possibilities are endless.

In the midst of the change, here are some trends we can see in HR in 2020   

Experience of ‘H’ in ‘HR’

No matter how much we advance with technology, the edge an HR professional must have is to remain ‘human’. HR professionals with this fundamental virtue can bring a lot of value and impact on people, that technology cannot replace. Along with technology, one must focus on developing empathy which is at the heart of creating the Human Experience along with Digital literacy, Change Advocacy & Cognitive Agility.

Data-Driven Intelligence

Leveraging data and analytics will allow HR practitioners to not just measure and but also broaden its business impacts. HR professionals need to look at the digital revolution as an opportunity to not just follow the change but be the disruptors of change leveraging Analytics. We can utilize analytics to identify factors like motivators, development approaches, rewards and management actions that directly increase productivity and invested engagement.

Personalizing HR

The ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to HR is fast becoming obsolete. Personalization has already touched most aspects of human life, ranging from food, to travel, to entertainment HR can’t stay isolated from the consumer phenomenon of personalization. With a multi-generational workforce, HR must recognize that each employee at a different life stage has different needs and therefore reimagine employee HR Offerings to meet the unique needs of employees.

Just-in-Time Delivery

Instantaneous gratification has started to emerge as the new consumer norm. Employees expect a similar level of speed in the delivery of HR services. Investing in cloud-enabled platforms to enable employees to access HR services with ease – anytime, anywhere and through any device, thus making HR services agile, convenient & scalable. 

Omni-Channel Delivery

Employees expect seamless and coherent delivery of HR services across channels & platforms such as mobile, desktop, call-centers, in-person kiosks, etc.  Having an omni-channel approach to delivering technology can be a great differentiator in creating seamless employee experiences

We have dived head into the experience economy with experience being the new currency which is fueling the next wave of business growth. The expectancy of designing and delivering experiences is no longer limited to customers – HR practitioners are called to be the pioneers in transforming organizations into experience enterprises. 2020 will only strengthen the nudge for HR reinventing its practices to deliver best in class experiences to their employees.

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