Technology Priorities and Resolutions for HR Leaders for 2021

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Technology Priorities and Resolutions for HR Leaders for 2021

As we bid adieu to a tumultuous year and enter a brand new year, it’s time for us to have a fresher outlook and make newer beginnings in 2021. The beginning of a new year is the right time to evaluate goals and hit the reset button. The year 2020 has been one of the most challenging years that has shaken up the entire world. Before 2020, nobody could have expected a pandemic to force businesses to opt for remote work options. The pandemic has forced organizations of all sizes to make sudden yet necessary changes to the way they work due to the global health crisis.

“Today, businesses have adapted to the new circumstances by making a shift to remote working, introducing new workplace health and safety protocols, and modifying day-to-day operations.”

On the one hand, businesses found it hard to cope up with the new way of working, on the other hand, employees faced several personal challenges, including health and finances. However, let’s not focus on the past and focus on the future of HR in 2021.

HR professionals are expeditiously working on new approaches to make your work life and culture better. Developing adaptability, promoting cultural diversity, encouraging organizational agility, and adopting a new approach to manage employees are just a few of those actions that are expected to enhance employee experience in 2021. To be clear, all this isn’t going to be easy and there would be numerous challenges ahead. However, we need to be positive and hopeful about the future, and here are some priorities or resolutions for HR teams in 2021 to approach their activities effectively and successfully.

Encourage Aadaptability in the Organization

Today, adaptability is the most in-demand skill. In 2021, businesses should look for resilient candidates who can work under pressure and cope up with sudden changes. Creating more agile teams charged with generating innovations can help businesses make plans or strategies they will need to survive the challenging or uncertain times. Thus, it is prudent for HR leaders to hire talents with the capability to adapt to ever-changing circumstances. 

Focus on Improving Employee Experience

As per a Gartner survey, around 46 percent of employees show dissatisfaction toward their organizations. Our own polls have shown that most employees show dissatisfaction when it comes to how their companies have handled the crisis. HR leaders must develop the right employee experience strategy, as it is necessary to attract top talents, foster a positive work culture, and develop high-performing employees. Given the historical rise in mental health issues, employee well-being should be a priority for HR leaders. Organizations who are working remotely should facilitate virtual mental health sessions or meetings, conduct team building activities, offer emotional support, and share helpful resources to the employees.

Promote Cultural Diversity

According to a survey by Gartner, around 88% of HR professionals feel that their organization has not been effective at increasing diverse representation. HR teams should develop strategies to maintain a healthy work culture. HR leaders must focus on hiring employees who come from all economic and socio-political backgrounds. This will bring unique viewpoints and perspectives to the organization. Cultural diversity offers you an opportunity to successfully develop your business in a global marketplace. Ain’t it great? So make sure to hire people from all walks of life.

Work on Cost Optimization

The Covid-19 has a dramatic impact on the financial system and it made all of us economically vulnerable. Numerous businesses had to lay off their employees, had to put their salaries on hold, and cost-cutting became a necessity. And while things are not as bad as they were before, it will take time for things to get back to normal. Therefore, organizations now need to find the right balance between cutting costs and maximizing business value. HR managers should not only focus on cost-cutting but they now need to proactively promote options for immediate efficiency gains without compromising on the long-term impact on business performance.

Focus on Reskilling

Today, organizations need to understand that overlooking the importance of reskilling isn’t going to help them. A survey by Gartner suggests that 36% of HR professionals think that their employees lack the necessary skills to drive future performance. At a time when organizations all across the globe are focusing on cost-cutting, you need to encourage the existing employees to upgrade their skills, instead of hiring new talents. This is the time when employees need to focus on self-assessment and adapt themselves to the changing business landscape. Companies can also help employees to upgrade their skills through innovative approaches like online Training programs.

Things can change overnight and you can’t be fully prepared for the challenges ahead. However, one can only hope for a better tomorrow and we are hoping that things will be better for businesses in the foreseeable future. These are the times when you can’t meet all the expectations of your employees, but just a thank you note or an appreciation letter for their continued efforts during the trying times can make a lot of difference. After all, your employees are your most valuable asset and you need to make genuine efforts to make them feel valued and appreciated in the organization.


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