How to stay positive even in these challenging times

As Benjamin Franklin said many years ago, “The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself”

How to stay positive even in these challenging times

Someone asked me this question recently and I thought it to be a great question. Sharing a few of the things I have been practicing or know of (plan to add to the list gradually) that would work for most of us

Accept the things which are in your Circle of Concern: These could be Covid-19, Work from Home, Family members getting sick, Death of someone distant you knew of

Focus on your Circle of Control: Taking heightened levels of precautions, being disciplined, avoid watching sensational news, no binge watching, keep on top of your work, doing some sort of community work (if possible) Note: Helping others directly and indirectly (who cannot pay you back) is supposed to give you true happiness. 

Do 30 minutes of exercise each day: 45 minutes is better though, Yoga, Zumba or stretches, whatever you like

Keep expanding your Circle of Influence: Influence on things, improvement in processes,aligning on the distribution of household chores, encouraging your family and friends to take better precautions, get vaccinated etc.

Put in a dose of laughter in your day: Look up those funny videos sent by your friends on your phone, watch comedy stuff, tell / share a joke, loosen up😊

Spend quality time connecting with family and friends: It’s a good idea to look at connecting with the ones you have lost touch with, playing games like Tombola (Bingo), online Ludo etc. are great solutions

Be clear and stay focused on your medium to long term career goal: If work is limited, it is a good idea to use this time to learn / master a skill. If you are a home maker then you may want to look up learning guitar, yoga or Zumba, whatever you like

Practice a hobby: For me I like to blog, listen to music, do some deep cleaning, master technology, organize my important documents (the last three being new hobbies I have developed during the lockdown) 

As Benjamin Franklin said many years ago, “The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself”

Author and Contributor- Gaurav Malhotra


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