Employee Experience in Modern Workplaces: Key Areas for Employers

Employee Experience at Modern Workplaces- Key Areas for Employers
There is ample research and studies to show the positive correlation amongst experience, engagement, and productivity, that in turn affect the bottom line.

Workplaces have witnessed rampant changes since the time we experienced the ‘new normal’ post the pandemic. From shifting modes of working and ensuring safety of people to business continuity and embracing the hybrid way of working, workplaces have become more dynamic as different sets of people work differently.

The context and meaning of ‘experience’ have totally changed for people. Employee experience can no longer be templatized, instead, its success lies in being more personalised than ever! Moreover, in this era of the ‘Great Resignation’, it is the experience that shall set the great workplaces apart.

There is ample research and studies to show the positive correlation amongst experience, engagement, and productivity, that in turn affect the bottom line. Therefore, leaders and organizations must make attempts to re-think and re-design their employee experience strategy.

In today’s world, people are looking forward to more agile and tailored experiences from their organizations. And to suffice and surpass these expectations; leaders, HR teams, and organizations must undertake a people-centric approach to revamp their experience strategy.

Companies must utilise design thinking mechanisms that help step into the shoes of its people and understand what they truly expect from workplaces. Through this human-centric and empathetic approach, organizations shall understand and work towards different viewpoints and pain areas to create optimal employee experience.

Here are some ideas to make the modern employee experience more seamless, customized, and superior:

Make People Feel Aligned and Connected

As people work in hybrid mode, it is so important for them to stay connected and aligned not only to the business objectives but also to the values and the larger purpose of the organization and the teams.

This shall start right before onboarding and shall continue throughout the employee life cycle through various touchpoints. Simple practices like townhalls, value-based activities, team huddles, etc. if done regularly can impact people effectively.  

Pave Paths for Growth

Studies show that millennials give a lot of importance to learning and growth. They want to work for organizations that are disrupting the world. They have clear-cut career aspirations and view learning as a large ticket item for themselves. To create a distinctive experience for the workforce of tomorrow, organizations must invest in its people’s learning and development.

Moreover, companies must ensure effective execution of robust talent management frameworks to prepare people for critical positions. Avenues for learning at their convenience, customised learning programs, and coaching / mentoring programs can add value to people’s experience.    

Offer Genuine Care

Ensuring physical, emotional, mental, and financial wellness of people and their families will become a great quality of next-gen workplaces. As organizations and the world has started emphasising these benefits, people shall identify this attribute as a differentiator between good and great workplaces.

Upto-date medical policies, insurance policies, gym memberships, fitness allowance, access to counselling services, and other holistic wellness programs can act as great accelerators.

Empower People

People want to work in a highly autonomous environment where they can contribute freely and work flexibly. Organizations must move from a task-based approach to an ownership-based approach.

Make people the owners of their roles and equip them with scalable technology and systems to ensure effective performance. While it may not be feasible for all functions to work from anywhere, at least having flexible working hours shall create a positive impact on employee experience.

Offer Unique Benefits

Unique and attractive benefits can create a huge attraction for the new-age employee.  Great workplaces aim to create unique experiences for their people through the benefits they offer to them. Organizations must continuously attempt to revamp their basket of offerings.

Childcare allowance, bi-monthly disbursements of salaries, annual health check-ups for self and family, etc. are some of the unique offerings at REA India.

Create a Culture of Camaraderie

Last but certainly not least, create a comfortable, amiable, and warm work culture that not only helps people to be themselves but also builds an informal connection with teams and the organization as a whole. This shall add to the feeling of belongingness and ensure a long-lasting relationship with team members and the company.

It’s a necessity in the new hybrid work culture. Camaraderie has evidence of people feeling committed and engaged throughout their employee lifespan. Introduce virtual water-cooler breaks, team outings, activities, etc. Such breaks or activities have a proven positive effect on productivity levels of individuals, teams, and organizations as a whole.

At REA India, as we continue working remotely, delivering superior employee experience is the root of all practices and policies. Genuine care is at the heart of everything we do for our people. We co-create experiences with our people with a dash of innovation as we freely communicate and listen to our people. Learning on the go and delivering what our people want, keeping business interest in view helps us achieve an engaged workforce. 


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