Employee Value Proposition – What Unique Blend Organisations Could Offer

HR Priorities for the financial year 2021-22
Managers need to be coached on developing frequent performance discussions in light of the absence of physical presence at the office highlighting new performance expectations.

In today’s scenario, top leadership and management is struggling to review the offer proposition to its team members in order to fix the benefit scheme and create better blend of services in order to attract, retain and develop best talent from the market. There are various algorithms which have been worked to enhance the proposition but still many organisations are failing to meet their goals and establish a long term proposition as a preferred employer.

Also, basis my interaction with HR leaders, proposition have been made to get the right statistics around the right key hole which could be plugged to extract the right benefit. While discussing I came across the frequently used term of Employee Value proposition which basically creates a proposition for present as well as potential employees. I am also referring to the mechanism which helps in deriving the Value Proposition which may impact the engagement of the parties of larger value and interest.

Taking a macro view and following up on the basic characteristics of the organisation,  which would help defining the employee value proposition and truly regard the mechanism to understand what exactly is needed to attract and retain the workforce at large& establishing the desired image.

The parameters highlighted above may really sound simple but are complex to be understood and have predominance on the implementation rate. I would briefly like to look at some of the above in a practical way the organisations are building themselves to be able to showcase the proposition to the internal and external world.

Future Oriented Goals and Objectives:

Not as simple as it sounds it should primarily engage the workforce and define challenges to attract future high potential talent. It should not only be able to make people do what they are expected to deliver in future but also take them to sneak into the future challenges.The reasons for dis-engagement of employees is when they are unable to achieve their objectives and none of the defined interventions around engaging them does not work in this case. Effective managers help their team to surpass the barriers in order to achieve their goals and create a wonderful value proposition for their employees. This also talks greatly about their ability to create collaboration in the organisation  i.e. resourcing them with the efforts which would help in generating the  support mechanism to achieve their objectives. This collaboration is talked about in achieving high standard of value space for the organisations which also depicts how are they getting ready for future challenges.

Entry and Exit Ambassadors:

As the employees enter and exit the organisation, the experience goes a long way in defining the culture of the workplace. I remember meeting a senior leader who had exit the last organisation and still remember the wonderful treatment received in order to accommodate the requirements which were fulfilled with all the courtesy. The ex-employees become a clear base of Ambassador club for the organisation and need a specialised treatment as far as their experience is concerned. It is also critical to ensure that the induction process is rightly managed to create a seamless experience for the fresh talent. The entry and exit are two ends of the rope which binds together the value proposition that the organisation is perceived to be offering and creates a seamless impact.

Employee Career Management:

The most simple looking term but primarily misused heavily brings about a question as to what would make the employees career needs fulfilled. This is definitely not limited to promotions and salary adjustment. This could be easily defined  with two components. First, how the organisation helps the employees to develop skills so that they could perform their current job well. This could easily be highlighted by how the expectations and set with the team members and their gaps are measured, Identified and supported with the constant guidance and feedback including necessary training fulfilment. Second, this also talks of how the organisation is helping them to shape for the future considering that the way business is looked at in future. The investment in coaching and mentoring to make them future ready paves a way into their career development in the organisation bringing in the long term view leading to a positive impact.

Digital Dialect Communication Channels:

Digital dialect in the Communication channels play a very important role in defining the  construct of how an organisation works. The flow of communication across the organisation, Leadership and Management profiles, Organisation Philosophy. Actually digital communication channels indirectly influence the Value proposition across the organisation homogeneously covering the information, plans and the real vision. The proposed hierarchy introduces the barriers across layers which is dealt with in a refined way. Organisations digital emersion including social media, intranet portals, online town-halls, express-view portals and e-dialogues etc. have seen to be very effective tools for the employees and other stakeholders bringing them together at their own flexibility and will. During my interaction with a leader of a fortune 500 organisation,  I actually was surprised with the level of engagement online town-halls brought and which was found so effective that even the physical employee forum with 100% attendance wouldn’t have done so. The leaders did talk about personalising the e-town-halls effectively to the needs of their employees and stakeholders helped in bringing synergy of communication at all levels. 

Leadership Construct Components:

A leadership construct in an organisation has a far reaching impact on what value it provides as an entity. I always view leadership as true role models of what organisation’s employees have to offer as the leadership governs the way the organisation operates. Role modelling also connects well with the aspirations and it becomes a critical impediment in deriving value from the organisation. It does also speak of organisation’s ability to impact in its own trade and attract the right talent within its leadership spectrum. Employee Value Proposition is impacted critically by the profile and experience of the leadership bracket not limited to acquiring right but also developing in a format which excites the workforce and external stakeholders.

Contribution to Society:

Impact on the society is a hard measure of organisation’s vision and culture and I have observed leaders projecting strong value to the external world focussing on this parameter in their own way through their business line. The involvement of line function in the social cause has a far reaching impact on the perception that the individuals carry for the organisation. The way to impact is through strategic business plan having a space of societal contribution which is interlinked to the business outcome impacts the most. I have observed the organisations that have been able to impact in this area have been able to create some ripple with the stakeholders including candidates and the performance parameters.

As I deliberate on defining the EVP of the organisation, I certainly cannot discount the core business strategy and purpose, however, some of the above parameters stitched well with the organisation’s vision and goals can help the organisations to develop a well though-out EVP component which answers a lot of questions for an individual and develops in creating a better foresight for the future looking organisations. Basis my own experience across multiple industries I have been associated with and also speaking to a few senior HR leaders, it’s very clear that developing a task force in order to arrive at the above and also providing right inputs to all the critical components through the existing team members could help in effectively developing and showcasing this tool to get future ready.


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