How to Build Team Camaraderie in the Workplace Remotely

How to Build Team Camaraderie in the Workplace Remotely- Samar Mahapatra
How does it happen? It happens because it's all in the mind and heart. What you feel or perceive or sense remains with you and with others and you all are connected or bonded by the power of these common thought processes or mindsets or attitudes.

I strongly believe that it is possible to build team camaraderie in the workplace remotely. Just look at large transnational MNCs operating in varying countries and continents but still, they share a common work culture, organisational ethos, values and ethics, power of innovation, manufacturing excellence,  Branding, and a great sense of belongingness or affiliation with their organisation.

How does this happen to be in geographies far from each other? This is because these organisations across the globe are able to communicate and create Unity in Diversity and are able to encash talent across the world. 

Let’s take the social life of a boy and a girl in love with each other, one in India and the other in US but even this long distance cannot create any negative impact on the relationship. They continue to share the same love and affection and the power of their relationship.

How does it happen? It happens because it’s all in the mind and heart. What you feel or perceive or sense remains with you and with others and you all are connected or bonded by the power of these common thought processes or mindsets or attitudes.

We bond when we like each other or need each other or feel for each other even if we are present physically in different geographies. You have to make that Feel factor very strong so that you feel positive for your colleagues whom you may not meet physically or even get to see. 

Learning from Father of Nation and Leaders

We have seen the power of Mahatma Gandhi in our freedom struggle. Gandhi could build a strong team pan India who were following him due to the power of his intentions or motives or personal sacrifices.

Mr. Narendra Modi is the most popular leader in the world ranking but it’s not possible for Modi ji to meet everyone or people to meet him but still look at his global impact.  It’s the power of universal impact whether in politics or business or development or sustainability or world peace and order.

How Team Works

A team can always remain a team as long as they are part of a common goal or target. The Purpose of the Vision and Mission or Goals of the organisation if communicated effectively can even create global teams.

However few initiatives can be taken by the organizations to build teams remotely call for video meetings, call for get-togethers or physical celebrations or parties or fun or picnic or dinners or movie shows, etc.  Teams are created by team spirit and team spirit is created by great team leaders. 

Quantum Physics for the first time has found the Interconnectedness of the universe through interconnected waves of energy. All Humans are connected through universal interconnection.

People really do not require physical presence for building teams, it’s more to do with motivation, inspiration, purpose, values, feelings or emotions, etc.  People fall in love by talking to each other and even without seeing each other because feelings or emotions get expressed through language, love, care, tone, etc. We do not see God but follow Him as the Leader of Mankind or Nature.

It’s the Belief or the Faith and the Trust which creates the magic. We become followers of people just by reading their books so it’s the power of thoughts that can create great team building even remotely.  

Team Building or Team Work or sense of connection or togetherness comes from a feeling or emotion of Oneness. How do we become One? We become One when we have a Shared Purpose to work or live. Nothing is more powerful than the Purpose of each individual.

Create a Purpose that is powerful enough to drive a large number of people or employees to work and bond together for achieving the common Purpose. Gandhi was successful in leading the nation with millions of people and great teamwork and team camaraderie due to the highly powerful purpose of getting Independence.

Every Indian wanted Independence and it was great emotional bonding between the Indians to get back the country from the Britishers.

The understanding and conviction of the Power of Purpose has already happened in many progressive organizations and therefore they want to create a larger Purpose in life than mere jobs or employment. Jobs give less satisfaction than pursuing some great social cause.

We all want to fulfilling lives by serving a higher purpose in life which we feel may connect us to God. Organisations can easily create great camaraderie and teamwork using the power of purpose


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