How to Keep Back-To-Work Blues at Bay!!

How to Keep Back-To-Work Blues at Bay!!
It is normal to feel like you are back on the grindstone after a long time when you start working but the feeling is temporary and will wear off once you get reinstate your rhythm at your workplace

In the words of Paulo Coelho, “When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” We often find it difficult to adjust to work from office culture after a long break and find ourselves slightly demotivated or exhausted. With pandemic scare almost ending and offices regaining their normal work from office culture, many people are now inevitably experiencing the back-to-work Blues and are clueless about how to fight it.

It is not unusual to feel blue once you get back to the work after a long period and you can keep feeling the same for a while. But, if the feeling stays for longer than two weeks; talking would help you to release those feelings of suffocation, panic, depression, or tearful emotions and would work as a magical potion for you to be able to function normally in no time.

It is normal to feel like you are back on the grindstone after a long time when you start working but the feeling is temporary and will wear off once you get reinstate your rhythm at your workplace. Few things might prove helpful for you when you start feeling the work blue when to be back to work:

Focus on Your Long-Term Goal

Even though it might seem difficult to stay alert and positive at work after a long break but you need to remind yourself what your ultimate goal behind working is. Stay focussed on your long-term goal and try using tiny reminders like a post-it at your workstation to constantly remind you of the same. This will make it easier for you to regain your concentration back to your work as our dreams are the driving factors that keep us going through all the hardships of life.

Get Organised

Organising your workstation is another stress-relieving activity that helps you cope with back to work blues. Also, try and schedule all your work and organize your day and week well to give you an idea about how your day and week would flow. Giving a structure to your workplace and day will help you stay away from frazzled work blue days.

5 Mantras to Happy Work-Life

it is quintessential for a person to stay committed to following the mantras for personal wellbeing of mind and body into your day so as to be able to excel at their work, be it professional or personal. The five mantras to keep you sane during the stressed work environment are

  • Connect
  • Notice Things Around You
  • Give
  • Stay Active
  • Keep Learning

Make Time Out for Recreational Work

As important it is for you to be a hard worker, similarly, you need to stay active, positive, and vibrant on a personal level. If you don’t feel happy inside, you will never be able to give your hundred percent to your work no matter how much you love your work. Therefore, always make sure you take out time for yourself and get involved in a recreational activity of your choice. It will help you release your mental stress as well as fill you with new energy and excitement that will further condition you to cope with all the workplace-related stress.

Meditation in the Morning/Evening

The best way to beat all our negative energy, stress, tension, and negative aura enveloping us is the art of Yoga or Meditation. The regular practice of Yoga helps in lowering or maintaining your blood pressure and also eradicates any symptoms of depression and anxiety. While relieving the mental pressure off your shoulder, Meditation and Yoga are also effective in getting rid of the physical tension as well.

To conclude, we can safely say that in order to beat the back-to-work blues, it is extremely important that you exclusively focus on your physical and most importantly mental wellbeing and take the required action to come out of your blues as the earliest. It is only you who can decide how you plan to spend your precious energy: do you want to waste it by staying low and defeated or by taking the control of your life in your hand and acing it exceptionally well.


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