Re-crafting Hybrid Workplace Culture!

Re-crafting Hybrid Work-Culture!
In a survey done by Salesforce, it was revealed that 64% of people felt comfortable & more effective in delivering results in a hybrid format & only 36% of people wanted to work full-time remotely!

The role of the workplace has changed more rapidly than we thought it would. Before the world could fathom the pandemic hit us, the world changed in its entirety & so did our approach to creating continuity in our business & engagement with our clients.

Organizations were compelled to re-evaluate the concept of work culture & prioritize creating outcomes & results over anything else. Worldwide, people demonstrated Resilience of the highest order & before we knew what struck us, we were acclimatizing to working from home and setting up our google workspace, zoom & Microsoft teams to replace physical availability to do our job.

Soon it became a normal way of life & a comfortable medium to continue to creating outcomes.

Can’t ignore the fact we initially struggled to manage work & home affairs from the same space. Resilient we were! We experienced leadership styles shining amidst the VUCA world. Outcome-based leaders found it critical to stay focused on results & efficiently managed their teams by empathizing & nurturing each one’s creative side. But the effectiveness & joy of sitting in the brainstorming room over a whiteboard activity & creating magic was still a big miss.

In a survey done by Salesforce, it was revealed that 64% of people felt comfortable & more effective in delivering results in a hybrid format & only 36% of people wanted to work full time from remote!

Transitioning from Lockdown, back to a normal 8-hour shift from the office in full capacity was not safe nor advisable from the standpoint of spreading disease & illness, hence a mid-way solution was co-created- The Hybrid!

The hybrid work model defines a set-up where employees choose to split their workdays between remote & onsite locations and this has seen immense popularity across several workforce gens’ in the community.

Few outstanding benefits of a hybrid set -up:

  • Distance to work & the time to commute is the top most reason why people choose to prioritize work from home/remote location- this saves time & energy
  • Some work can be done better & faster in your own space with the least number of distractions
  • Time & priorities If managed well, one can save more time for self-development or partner in the development of the kids.
  • Brings down operating-cost for the organization & the employee

Hybrid has redefined workplace collaboration with the involvement of technology & digital transformation to ensure engagement & group working from remote locations extremely effectively.

While there is a wide acceptance of Hybrid & remote working models, however, we cannot put the following facts under the carpet:

  • Dilution of organization-wide culture & belief system
  • This further leads to limited success in creating a high level of team bonding
  • Bringing down the graph of interpersonal relationships which is a big contributing factor in creating a company culture
  • Overworking & stress in a hybrid model can easily creep in if not managed well by the manager & self with a high degree of trust & targeted goal setting.

“One size fit all” is never going to be the case in shaping the work culture of an organization. Every business is different & each one is creating different outcomes & that would continue to demand different & curated solutions & approaches. The same concept applies to an organization; organizations may choose to select & prioritize from the different types that are in vogue: vogue:

  • Remote-First
  • Office-Occasional
  • Office-First, Remote Allowed

Whatever priority model an organization may choose, the model needs to be supported with a sustainable Hybrid/remote workplace culture. Safeguarding the organization’s culture at all times & keeping the vision alive, will be the key task the managers will need to prioritize over everything else:

  • Drive behaviors reflecting the vision of the organization
  • Lay down expectations & seek expectations too
  • Take commitment towards creating outcomes & results
  • Demonstrate trust in your team as a manager
  • Give constructive feedback that helps create effective outcomes
  • Remove time wasters
  • Have regular stand-ups- utilize electronic tools & mediums to have similar stand-ups as you would have done in an onsite set-up
  • Plan out your hybrid roster & essentially try to have a certain part of your team in office/on-site
  • Operate in a Hybrid setup yourself as a manager to understand the realities yourself; will build better empathy for others
  • Build a one-on-one relationship in expressing trust and aid in creating relationships among the other members of your team
  • Read & remove all signs of team conflict & build a cohesive Team.

Being a good member of the organization would not only mean doing your work well by meeting your targets but also goes a long way in working well & creating positive energies & nurturing others in the team with organizational values & co-creating a culture!

Take everyone along with you, as a cohesive team on the journey of creating value in any given circumstance.


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