Spiritual Guidelines To Become A More Effective HR Leader


To me, Spirituality is about knowing yourself and connecting to your inner self. For being an Effective HR leader first we need to know self and then help others in knowing themselves to be more effective in their personal and professional life.

Knowing Self

The knowing self-concept is important because everything we do or say, everything we hear, feel, or otherwise perceive, is influenced by how we see ourselves. With all the negativity and stress around due to various factors including work, somewhere the focus has always been on fixing the outside environment and feel good about it.

“The outside environment will keep on changing, hence to better cope with the outside VUCA world, the focus shall be on managing internal VUCA and the journey begins with Knowing Self. VUCA of the internal world needs to be settled in order to navigate the self towards superior performance”

Once we know how to manage Internal VUCA we will be able to lead ourselves better and then can help employees and business leaders to deal with the ever-changing and demanding environment. Becoming self-aware in the workplace allows us to relate better to colleagues, direct reports and business leaders, creating a more harmonious environment. We are able to look at issues more objectively and the role we may have played in creating them. We are mindful and operate in the here and now. As effective leaders, we should spend time in knowing and working on self, because it lays the foundation for personal success and collective peace.

Help Employees Discover Their Own Identity & Purpose

Normally an employee becomes too much of what their peers/colleagues / Managers think or say they should be. When an employee can’t be themselves, it makes it extremely difficult for them to be efficient, effective and productive. In such a scenario it’s difficult for organizations to foster growth & innovation and as they fail to provide an opportunity at the workplace where employees can be in their natural self. For employee’s job becomes a repetitive task rather than an opportunity to find their passion and do something they truly enjoy.

HR leaders can definitely play a vital role and partner with business leaders in harnessing a culture wherein employees can identify their natural self and connect their purpose with the organization’s larger purpose. For example: Creating a culture of coaching, will go a long way in enhancing employees’/ managers professional as well as personal lives. More than ever, employees want to be part of a workplace culture that allows them to discover their own identity and inner confidence so they can unleash their full potential. 

Focus On Creating More Human Workplace

Now is the time when HR leaders must strive to bring more Human aspects at the workplace. It is important to keep the Human side intact in the era of the digital transition. It’s a proven fact that Organizations reap many benefits from creating more human workplaces, including Improved performance standards, Increased employee engagement and most importantly in holding the level of commitment among the employees.

A focused and well-designed approach to employee caring can go a long way in creating a sustainable Human workplace.  While defining new agile processes and policies for organization HR leaders should keep in mind the human aspect as ultimately it’s Humans who will drive and support these processes. With a focus on the Digital workplace, the aspects of soft skills and interpersonal skills are somewhat missing nowadays at the workplace and social life. HR leaders can help in bringing back focus on soft skills and Interpersonal skills which will keep the Human alive amongst employees and further help in their professional as well as personal well being.

One of the most important aspects of being human is to be inclusive. As organizations are promoting diversity and inclusion many times diversity is being misunderstood for Inclusion. As HR leaders we should ensure that leaders should have clarity around being inclusive. The truly inclusive workplace will help a lot in creating a listening organization, and by the focus on developing listening organizations, we will be able to facilitate and drive a culture where the thrust is on performance enablement, listening & helping and teamwork within diverse teams which will be truly inclusive of different and varied perspectives.

Creating A Belief Of Serving Others (Giving Vs. Taking)

Giving shall take more preference than taking. In today’s world including organizations the focus is more on taking. Once giving becomes a habit for all then I am sure that all productivity metrics and hierarchies will not be required. Think of an organization wherein Managers / Organizations are committed to giving back to their employees, and employees are willing to give back more rather than taking. 

How HR leaders can help managers and employees in inculcating the habit of Giving more than taking? The moment this transformation happens, I am sure that organizations and employees will be at a different level. This will need some serious thinking and long term work. Once giving takes precedence then not only the organizations will thrive the external society will also benefit a lot.

Many organizations need not adhere to CSR initiatives and push for volunteerism within employees, Giving back to society will take precedence than other priorities for all. Giving culture will go a long way in enhancing the overall engagement level of employees and will also go a long way in creating a sustainable change in the societies where we live.

I am hopeful that some of these aspects if followed will go a long way in creating a caring& productive culture in the organization and help HR leaders to be more effective in their organizations.

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Abhay Singh is HR Director at LIXIL India since January 2018. He has over 15 years of experience across industries ranging from automobile, building materials, industrial products, IT apps & engineering, with expertise in HR business partnering and people strategy. Prior to LIXIL, he worked across leading organizations like Honeywell, John Deere, and SPX Flow. Over the years, he has successfully garnered diverse industry experience through working with diverse network groups, multiple cultures & global geographies. Being a highly competent change manager, he has played crucial roles in driving organization-wide transformations. As a leader, he believes in building sustainable long-term relationships with all stakeholders by the way of delivering results.


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