Signify India’s Journey Towards Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Signify India's Journey Towards Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
At Signify, the ethos of “Greater Together” underpins its commitment to cultivating a diverse workforce and an inclusive work environment.

A Comprehensive Approach for Fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Signify India

In today’s dynamic and BANI world, fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within organizations is not just a moral imperative but also a strategic necessity. Companies that prioritize DEI initiatives not only create a more equitable workplace but also drive innovation, enhance employee engagement, and ultimately achieve better business outcomes.

The business case of DEI is as significant as the Culture case of DEI. Having said that, DEI today is more than just fostering equity, inclusion, and diversity, but also ensures one genuinely feels ‘belongingness’ at the workplace.

Signify, a global leader in lighting, is committed to championing DEI efforts, particularly in its operations in India, where it has implemented a comprehensive approach to promote diversity, equity, and inclusivity, and build a culture where one can be authentic across all levels of the organization.

Embracing Diversity

At Signify, the ethos of “Greater Together” underpins its commitment to cultivating a diverse workforce and an inclusive work environment. The company recognizes that diversity is not just about representation but also about creating a culture where every individual feels valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their best.

With this vision in mind, Signify has adopted a multifaceted approach to DEI, focusing on the attraction, enablement, and retention of talent.

Over the years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating a culture where women can not only thrive but also ascend to leadership positions. Our “Brighter Lives, Better World 2025” program underscores our commitment to doubling the percentage of women in leadership roles in 3 years.

At Signify, we will continue to focus on investing in development programs, enhancing gender & generational diversity, nurturing, and retaining internal talent.

We already have a host of programs including diversity referrals, inclusive benefits, wellness leaves, innovative forums like ‘Idea Box’, safety protocols, BIG (Back in Game initiative) for females who took maternity breaks, Catalyst mentoring program for career development, awareness sessions on ‘inclusion’, campus to corporate programs like internships, Sales trainee and BLP programs to nurture early career talent, amongst others.

We believe in hand-crafting holistic programs that help young talent enhance their skills, ideate out of the box, thrive with innovation, and be ready for next-level roles.

We have made sustained efforts to create a culture that enables employees to thrive and grow, a testament to our efforts is that we have grown the footprint of gender and generational diversity significantly in India in the last few years.

Bridging the Gap

Signify understands the importance of attracting diverse talent right from the recruitment stage. Despite challenges in certain sectors, such as the scarcity of female candidates in frontline sales roles, the company has devised innovative strategies to maximize the hiring of women professionals.

These include targeted hiring processes for experienced professionals, campus recruitment programs, and initiatives like the “Back in Game” program, which aims to reintegrate women who have taken career breaks.

Moreover, Signify leverages its employer branding initiatives to showcase its commitment to DEI, thereby attracting talent that resonates with its values. By actively engaging with diverse communities and leveraging referral campaigns Signify ensures a steady influx of talent from varied backgrounds.

The company makes focused efforts in inducting a diverse workforce but also keeps a keen eye on the growth of diverse talent, proactively ensuring no bias creeps in during role enhancement and promotions. 

Nurturing Talent

Retention of diverse talent is equally crucial for Signify’s DEI agenda. To this end, the company has implemented a range of initiatives categorized into support, development, and engagement pillars.

Women mentors, specific women sensitization programs, and focused nurturing of key diversity talent underpins our commitment to creating a supportive environment where women employees can thrive and grow in their careers.

Signify invests in manager sensitization workshops and internal campaigns to address unconscious biases and promote inclusive leadership. Programs like wellness leaves, and protocols for safe travel demonstrate the company’s commitment to the holistic well-being and safety of its employees.

Additionally, developmental opportunities such as diversity mentoring, and global leadership programs empower women to advance in their careers and break the glass ceiling.

The company also prioritizes employee engagement through platforms like “SheThePeople” and initiatives like the buddy program for women on maternity leave, fostering a sense of belonging and support among women employees.

Continuous Improvement

Signify understands that DEI is an ongoing journey that requires continuous assessment and refinement. The company regularly reviews its processes and initiatives based on feedback from various stakeholders, including diversity council members, leadership teams, HR professionals, and global counterparts.

This collaborative approach ensures that Signify remains agile in addressing evolving challenges and opportunities in promoting DEI.

In conclusion, Signify’s steadfast commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion underscores its mission to create a brighter future for all. By embracing diversity in its workforce, Signify not only enriches its organizational culture but also strengthens its competitive edge in the market.

As the company continues to set ambitious targets, such as doubling the percentage of women in leadership positions, it reaffirms its dedication to fostering an inclusive environment where everyone can #shinebrighter with Signify.

Through its comprehensive DEI initiatives, Signify India is not just illuminating spaces but also lighting the path towards a more equitable and inclusive world.


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