What’s Trending in Learning to Strengthen Capabilities

What’s Trending in Learning!!
The early 21st-century fantasy of “all online digital learning” suddenly came out of the grave during this pandemic.

What’s Trending in Learning to Strengthen Capabilities

The Year 2020 was so unexpected that the word “expected” almost did not exist in the dictionary. The change of course has forced us to rethink and re-evaluate how we can develop and train our employees. To help create and strengthen organisational capabilities and culture when we simply cannot get together. 

The responsibility is on the HR and the managers to unleash their creative and disruptive side which is has been dormant somewhere for quite some time. Simply putting “getting back to normal” is not an option for employee development because “those normal times” are not coming back anytime soon, so the only option we have is to get used to the “NEW NORMAL”.

The early 21st-century fantasy of all online digital learning suddenly came out of the grave during this pandemic.

“While there are still clouds lurking on what “the way we work” will look like in a post-COVID world— cause it’s going to take more calendar years’ to answer this question than we anticipated, courtesy lockdowns are back in many parts of the world.”

Organizations good in precognition are proactively rassling how to spend on their workforce to develop skills (new skills to lead change and stay resilient through this pandemic) fortify their cultures, and help employees execute and create value for all their stakeholders. 

Among what all happened last year reskilling, upskilling and new skilling continued to be in focus on critical roles incorporate. Even before the pandemic, the eLearning industry was expanding gradually. But now, the closure of most businesses and traditional educational institutions has led to exponential growth as more and more organizations are spending on virtual learning experiences for their employees.

According to a new study by Global Market Insights, the eLearning market is set to be over $375 billion by 2026. There are 5 big takeaways from COVID impact which supports virtual learning and can overcome three fundamental challenges in corporate training: EFFECTIVENESS, EFFICIENCY, and ALIGNMENT which totally lost their way in the corporate world during the pandemic.

Welcome to the 5-A Learning: Anywhere, Any Device, Anyone, Any subject, Anytime

Cost-effective for User and Organisation – Anywhere

It’s a far-fetched idea, but the data supporting e-learning is backed up by palpable results. All thanks to the technology which is cutting edge enough to share information about the key online learning courses to the employees in no time through their digital devices. The instantaneous knowledge sharing allows organisations to cut out transportation costs, coach salaries, course materials, and more.

It’s mind-boggling how much cost-saving organisation does by avoiding these unnecessary expenses. E-learning courses allow knowledge to be delivered in short and easily digestible pieces. They use formats such as video games, simulators, and videos that allow employees who do not have a single bit of knowledge. E-learning opens option for unlimited courses without making it mandatory to have pre-requisite knowledge

Chalk and Board Learning – Any Device 

E-learning replaces the traditional classroom with any device. Remote learning aids employees to take up courses and training with the luxury of not being physically present in classroom. This also supports employees and organisation to able to balance out work and skill development at the same time. E-learning tools share vital information with employees using tools that we all use every day: computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.

E-learning provides a personalized experience that includes curated and mobile-ready content. The Digital learning trend started with millennials, but as the true digital natives—Generation Z—begins to enter the workforce, organizations have benefitted by providing them with personalized learning experiences.

Diversity Enhanced Learning – Anyone 

Nothing can provide more diversity than E-learning. it has created gladdens that is miscellaneous and inclusive critical to learner success. Research has shown that diverse representation can help close gender and race gaps in education and can create inclusive and productive course communities for all learners. This anyone includes any age, any geography, any class, any specialisation. For the first time in our history can really see a classroom that cuts across age, geography, and standard/grade studying the same subject or course. This bringing in a diversity of learning which is unprecedented.

Welcome to the 5-A Learning: Anywhere, Any Device, Anyone, Any subject, Anytime! 5A’s

Opportunity and Employment – Any course

With lockdowns and pandemic hitting different industries hard and running them dry. E-learning gave opportunities to individuals who lost their job to learn new skills or be on the other side to make help others learn new skills adding extra bucks to their repository. E-learning an individual scope to be both a learner and a trainer at the same time. Each learner could enroll in any course irrespective of any prior qualification or experience and have an equal opportunity for learning and advancement.

Companies Dismantle – Anytime

It’s not just the future but even present is unpredictable. You never know what’s going to happen next minute, we must be up and ready to face anything, anywhere at any time. E-learning makes it easier to upscale and reskill us with any course and at any device.  Gone are the days where we had restrictions on class timing and night/day classes. Each learner can learn at any time convenient to him/her in any pace that is suitable. We can pause the learning and go at the pace our time and learning capacity permits.


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