Are You Managing or Inspiring Performance?

Are You Managing or Inspiring Performance?
People in authority must inspire and engage their employees to work better and having a proper Performance Management System (PMS) is very essential for them.

”There is something that is much more scarce, something rarer than ability. It is the ability to recognize ability.” – Robert Half

Why do you think it is difficult to recognise ability? It is needless to say that happy and satisfied employees are more likely to stay in your company and contribute to their full potential. Thus, you should know how to keep employees motivated at all times. Groom them well enough that it builds their confidence and at the same time serves as an invaluable resource to you.

Being in the corporate world for a long, one thing I can assure is that every person at some stage will think that they are overworked or underpaid. What can a CEO or CHRO do in such times? On seeing distress around, one should give managers the right tools to inspire performance, build a culture around employee growth, encourage goal setting and team alignment, and much more.

People in authority must inspire and engage their employees to work better and having a proper Performance Management System (PMS) is very essential for them. An organization must make sure that its PMS includes the following six features:

  1. Continuous and Constructive Feedback
  2. Clear Measurements
  3. Social Recognition
  4. Actionable Insights
  5. Customizable Reporting
  6. Succession Planning

3 Steps for Inspiring Performance Management

Consensus indicates that workers have three prime needs: Interesting work, recognition for doing a good job, and being let in on things that are going on in the company. 3 basic steps for better and efficient management of performance are:

Step 1 – Providing managers right tools to inspire performance

Automate the review process by providing such tools to managers where they can define and determine dynamic workflows of requests and approvals.

Step 2 – Build a culture around employee growth

Company culture tops the priority list of employees, even above salary in most cases. Hence, it is non-negotiable that organizations build their culture around employee growth.

Step 3 – Encourage goal setting and team alignment

In most cases, employees themselves do not know what their goals and targets should be. Don’t let this gap of knowledge build-up in your organization. Provide them skill and leadership training to be able to determine their goals that are fruitful for the team as well as their personal selfs.

Role of OKRs in Managing and Inspiring Performance

Objectives and Key Results, normally termed as OKRs have an unquestionable impact in managing and inspiring the performance of employees at any organization. The OKR system is a performance tool that sets, communicates, and monitors goals in an organization so that all employees work together in one direction. A team that has ambitious motives is more likely to achieve targets in comparison to others. Some significant advantages of using OKR system for performance management at your organization include:

  1. Autonomy – The various teams and departments can work with autonomy as every employees’ goals are aligned with the ultimate goal of the organization.
  2. Builds focus – With a mix of quantifiable and qualitative goals, every employee can provide magnified focus on their work and give better results.
  3. Boosts performance – The human talent of any organization is likely to perform better, and in some cases extraordinarily, when they have clear goals and targets. They know that they will be rated on the basis of their individual performance without any bias.
  4. Enhances alignment – Since employee goals and targets are such that they align with organizational goals, alignment is enhanced. Individually every employee will be working towards the ultimate goal in their own unique ways.
  5. Amplifies engagement – The communication between different teams will be built and amplified. For this authorities will have to set goals and objectives in a manner that it initiates communication between teams.

Be the Transformational Leader for Your Employees

Leaders who are transformational affect their employees’ growth and thinking magnificently. Thought leadership is the new normal and managers who are inclined towards it benefit their employees performance and inspire them to cover new horizons daily. The productivity and agility of an organization blooms under the guidance of such leaders who enhance skills of their employees through transparency and communication.

Rome was not built in a day, but not a day was wasted when it was being built. Consistency is the key, until your thoughts are put into actions nothing materialises. With inspirational quotes and motivational messages, team building, and productivity fall into place. Employees might be unwilling despite being capable, here comes the roles of leaders who inspire and motivate employees in performance management.


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