Learning at the center of performance reviews

Learning at the center of performance reviews

Performance reviews have always been a crucial way to assess employee’s performance and productivity. It is a key component to measure employee’s performance in an organization. It also helps employees to work in the right direction to achieve goals and therefore facilitates better working relationships. Annual performance review gives you a chance to build a healthy relationship with your employees. It also allows them to focus and align their individual goals with the organizational goals and contribute towards the success of the company.

“These reviews facilitate professional as well as personal growth of the employee, when followed by personal development plans like training, mentoring, cross-functional projects, etc.”

The main objective of performance reviews is to identify gaps in the employee’s performance and offer clarity to them. On-the-job training is a very important aspect of ensuring better employee productivity. There are a lot of skills you can help your employees to develop, for their personal and organizational growth. Therefore as a manager or employer, you must consider the following factors to improve employee productivity.

Continuous feedback

An employee’s growth is always aligned with continuous feedback. It plays a crucial role and can lead to outstanding performance if done in the correct manner. Every employee demands a better understanding of what is being expected from their work. Therefore, we have aligned managers and the top management for continuous feedback to support employee’s growth and enhance productivity. It will even help the employees to align their goals with the company perspective.

Improve employee skills with training

It is better to judge employees for their potential and provide them with adequate training & development sessions that address performance gaps. Apart from on-the-job training, it is important to help the employees to enhance their skills. We have deployed various learning programs for the wholesome development of the employees which include team management trainings, managing in chaos, effective communication, role identity, etc. This is how we are preparing our employees for the future and developing subject matter experts.

Reward & Recognitions

Motivation is the key! As an employer, you have to ensure that your employees feel encouraged and well-motivated; this will help them to do better. Innovative ways of motivating them spurs them even more; Reward & Recognition (R&R) being one of them. R&R creates a culture of recognizing your top performers and motive them to do even better. At PB, we consider various factors like process knowledge, employee behaviour, assertiveness, teamwork, etc. to reward our employees and maintain an ongoing culture to keep them motivated.

Being an employer, you must know that you need to cultivate and foster the best in your people. It is important to put learning at the center of the performance curve; it helps the organization to drive higher employee productivity while transforming managers into the learning pillars. It is like investing in your valuable resources. Every organization following the same would result in a highly engaged and motivated employee experience. 

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