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The phrase “Employer of Choice” represents a whole new design of corporate culture. In a competitive world to retain, attract the right talent is a challenge for HR in all industries. Being an employer of choice means that people will choose to work for you, choose to dedicate themselves to your success and will choose to stay with you even when there are exceptionally attractive inducements in the market.

“Company has created a place where people choose to work over other competitive organizations because of what they believe the company will offer them in terms of the whole experience – compensation, benefits, training, perks, opportunities, development and purpose for being”

In the case of any bottlenecks, necessary coaching, counselling and support is provided to achieve the desired goals. So, we thought of some unique and innovative initiatives which will cater shared values for both employee and the employer.


Challenge: Adjustment of a new employee to a new environment, culture, people, role etc.

Process: As much as employers are looking for new employees to make a good first impression during their first few days in a new job, same way employees are looking to their employers to also make such kind of impression.

As an HRBP (Human Resource Business Partner), to embrace this challenge and in order to handhold in light of organization dynamics and complexities with clear an objective that new talent will settle down well in the organization, especially if the organization has a long legacy, the “All-Time Mitra- ATM” initiative will help build a personal connection with a coworker, the organization and may accelerate the productivity of new hires and enhance job satisfaction so that the new employees stay with the company.

The role of ATM is not to be the new employee’s supervisor. Training and communicating performance standards and evaluations build a foundation for the HRBP to guide the employee in the future. This will help in increasing their credibility and hence will make them more approachable. ATM is not just beneficiary to the new employee, it’s a good way to develop some job enrichment and skills of existing staff members. The ‘Mitra’ will learn more about the business, its employees as well as gain valuable mentoring and leadership skills that’ll be useful within the company.

Impact: In our 45 operational projects, about 4000 employees during the year got the benefit of the services of ATM.


Challenge: Exposure of a new employee to the new culture, people and role.

Process: Another useful initiative is the stay interview. Many employees may not be familiar with the concept of Stay Interviews. They might have a perception that it’s the management’s way to negotiate and impose strategies. Therefore as an HRBP, it’s important to start off by explaining why you’re conducting the interview and what type of information you’ll be discussing. Here our goal is to gain insight into what motivates and frustrates our employees, what they value in the organization and how to support, develop and retain them.

Impact: In our 45 operational projects, about 1000 newly joined employees interviewed and we got positive feedback and our attrition during the initial phase has been reduced to 10%.


Challenge: Employees often have issues but they do not know whom to approach or what to do.

Process: The spirit of “Coffee with VP” initiative is to foster and promote the culture of openness and transparent communication, where we plan to gather our employees, to have an informal conversation with our Vice President. This will have our employees interact directly with the VP and they can openly share any ideas, suggestions, grievances or informal discussions. Resulting in increased connection and range of better ideas and suggestions to emerge.

This is a good informal way to create communication channels and promote transparency in the workplace.

Impact: Over 20 no. of the meeting conducted and met about 500 newly joined employees.


Challenge: To upgrade with latest happening and continuous learning is a challenge for talent.

Process: Another such initiative is the knowledge-sharing forum “The Knowledge Cafe”. The agenda of this is to bring together our employees to learn newer concepts and discuss various topics to gain knowledge by sharing with each other. This voluntary forum’s topic range is limitless and healthy discussions for mutual benefits. Any interested employee gets an opportunity to share his knowledge on the topic which he has gained through reading books and or any other sources.

Helps in providing a platform to freely share and discuss new happenings, events or information.

Impact: During the year about 10 no. of session arranged and more than100 employees participated and benefitted.


Challenge: To facilitate Employees in providing help to address work-related and personal issues to improve performance.

Process: Cater to this challenge, Employee Counselling is initiated. So not just knowledge sharing, if any employee wishes to share something private and wants to keep their confidentiality intact, we have an initiative for that as well; wherein an employee can share his /her personal problem/grievance with us. It not only helps in reducing the stress level of the employee and try and provide the best possible solutions. Employee counselling gives individuals a valuable opportunity to work through problems and stresses in a strictly confidential and supportive atmosphere. Counselling provides access to several basic forms of helping: giving information, direct action, teaching and coaching, advocacy, and providing feedback and advice, for example, counselling involves the individual employee meeting which is on a one-on-one basis.

Impact: About 25 no. of employees were counselled during various sessions and got the benefits of counselling.

To sum up, in this competitive world whereby talent will provide a cutting edge to the business, one needs to think out of the box and handle and manage the talent with some different approach, practices, initiatives etc. and give a silky touch so that such talent will contribute, perform thereby grow with the organization.

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Dr. Jignesh Shah is currently Vice President-HR at Monte Carlo Limited. He is an HR icon who has excelled in establishing innovative HR systems and institutionalising a strong performance-driven culture. He is having expertise in strategic manpower planning, spotting talent, business acumen, strategic relationship and Talent Management. An innovative thought leader, Dr. Jignesh Shah has a diverse experience of about three decades working with some of the top Engineering, Pharma, Petrochemical, Polyester, FMCG, Power and Infrastructure companies. He has orchestrated leadership skills while providing HR reporting and analytics to HR/Business leadership which involves tracking of metrics like attrition, compensation spread, HR dashboard for hiring, etc. Managing the uninterrupted working atmosphere through harmonious IR situations is his forte!


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