New Age Technologies: Talent Acquisitions with Human Touch

Consulting.US | According to the consulting firm's survey, remote work has actually boosted employee productivity in most cases: 81% of employees and 80% of employers believe remote work has proved as productive or more productive than pre-Covid times.

The technological transformation has led to various debates in the minds, as ruining – the HR hiring jobs and losing on the “Human” factor in the process. Researches show that technology after technology will come but the Human Touch can never lose its charm.

“There are various “New Age Technologies” like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Machine Learning and Natural Language processing etc. for the recruiters in the platter today. All of these technologies have helped in the automation of HR hiring process and improving the decision system. These have paved a path for higher level strategic functions”

Many of these above have already started blossoming in the market and making the tough jobs to relaxing ones.  No technology can replace a Human, but can always help out and do tasks for the Human. So we can always say the today’s hiring system is a technologically acquired Talent Acquisition with a Human Mind behind. (Because strategies are always from a Human Mind). New Technologies can mimic human capabilities but can never generate new ideas or strategies.

These technologies act as tools for a better decision and have helped us in-terms of:

  1. Saving time,
  2. Saving Cost,
  3. Reducing the Hiring Period,
  4. Having more focused and strategic approach,
  5. Streamlining the processes and what not for the successful operations of the organization.

Let’s look at some of them how they are doing in the market with “We the Humans” behind this:

Voice to Text Commands

It tends to help the recruiters with sourcing the candidates, for example – Accenture uses the artificial intelligence like speech commands on the systems in sourcing and screening candidates, only the matched/relevant candidates are contacted by the recruiter. The AI algorithms can trawl through bulk CVs, professional network profiles or even social medias to refine the pool of relevant candidates much faster and with more accuracy.


Companies like Google has also further come up with chatbots– which help the candidates in quick resolving their query’s thereby not wasting the recruiter’s time in normal and regular queries of candidates. Example –TASHA or Mya. Thereby giving a good candidate experience.

Candidate Tone Recognition

To dive more in the process of selection companies are experimenting on the interview tone quality to understand the psychological fit for the company.

Targeted Job Adverts

This AI process gives you the hiring manager to place highly targeted ads in front of the right people at exactly the right time, based on their browsing history and online activity. Your browsing activity using the cookies can be tracked and accordingly the job adverts are floated.

Natural Language Processing

NLP helps to identify the candidate’s speech, language fluency, understanding and grasping speed and also the idea of their thoughts.

Video Assessment

Video Interviews or interactions will clear more prominent thoughts of the candidates, their facial expressions, their gestures would all be counted in these assessments hereby making the decision systems faster and appropriate. Many of the companies are already asking for a Video introduction to apply for a job, hence chopping out the unwanted candidates at the 1st go itself, instead of calling them, interviewing them and rejecting them.

Networking and Monitoring Candidates

AI in hiring process can also help with monitoring and keeping in touch with the talent pool. This can include both unsuccessful candidates and “boomerang” employees, who are updated with companies’ details and can apply back to the organizations.

Candidate Engagement

Researches suggest that more than fifty percent of candidates don’t receive any type of communication or have any type of interaction from an employer once they apply for a role or come on board. With the help of algorithms, candidate engagement can be automated and made unique not just during employee onboarding but post that also. The interactive algorithms can help the new employee with important pointers regarding team, domain expertise and more.

All the above technologies have the key focus on working out which hiring processes can and should be automated and how to maximize the value of human and machine resources available and to focus on most important matters – building Human relationships and supporting the business strategy with the right people in the right roles.

The technologies are facilitators for the process, the next or the final stage is always a Human Touch:

Building Rapport

An organization is build of humans and to run it successfully it needs to have good human relationships around. Technology can expedite the process of hiring but the bond and culture in an organization is always made by the humans.

Emotional Connect

Chatbots and automation can make the system a quick one, giving the candidate a better experience but still the human mind requires a recruiter or a manager to connect to join an organization. We have to remember – we are looking for humans and not machines.

Act as a Guide

A recruiter knows what they are recruiting for and so they are the guiding light for the candidates, in terms of how to prepare for a vacant position and what all to focus to be a fit for a particular organization.

Salary Negotiators – Better Business Partners

The recruiters can strategize on the salary negotiations with the candidates along with the hiring managers and thus becoming business partners for the organization. The technology cannot negotiate instead can help in strategizing these negotiations.

Candidate centric

Recruiters can now get all the algorithms and various technological researches to understand the candidate needs and accordingly can approach them.

Recruitment or Talent Acquisition has evolved with a rapid degree of technical aspects like Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning redesigning the monotonous and time consuming processes to a faster and analytical approach.

The highlighting point of ML is that it reacts faster than humans in identifying insights and inferences that might otherwise take plenty of manpower and time or not be identified at all.

In nutshell the talent acquisition industry has become increasingly a strategic function within organizations, and automation is typically not a good replacement for a strategic function, so humans can use these to automate the processes for a better tomorrow in the TA industry. Technologies keep coming and few jobs perish and instead new jobs are created, focus should also be on training the manpower to extract the pointers from these automations.

Keep innovating to get better processes and improved decisions without any fear to lose out on the Human Touch hence it’s the New Age of Talent Acquisition with Human Touch. J


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