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Gone are the days:

  • When the supply of candidates was higher than the number of positions.
  • Taking out an advertisement in a newspaper used to result a walk-in of 100s of candidates..

For candidates to send application for various jobs,“The process was boring, repetitive and offered no opportunity to either differentiate themselves or identify the roles best suited to their skills, experience and personality,”

The skill shortage was an issue with most of the industries. For recruiters, it was a painful exercise to scan millions of talent youths applying through various sourcing channels. The scanning process while had some basic guidelines and the rest was done with the GUT..

With the technology evolution from DEEP LEARNING to MACHINE LEARNING and further
studying the devices/patterns/processes that perceive their environment and define a course of action which further maximizes its chance of achieving a given goal…ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE has taken birth.. It is about learning or problem-solving that a computer can do. Artificial Intelligence in the recruitment function designs to streamline or automate some part of the recruiting workflow, especially repetitive, high volume tasks.

Developments in the area of Artificial Intelligence has led to some big changes in the field of recruitment. Organizations are now looking for more imaginative ways to widen the talent pool. This has resulted in the ways recruiting field is looked at and has resulted to RECRUPTION….

Recruption is not a word that most people would embrace when looking at how talent would be acquired now and over the next 30 years..

Recruption is now shaping employment market; Impacting recruiter’s lives and identifying various sections which have been evolved and maximizing benefits of talent hunt and a great opportunity for a talent to be assessed fairly..

Some of them have been briefly discussed below:


In this digital era, there has been a business development approach
when it comes to TALENT SOURCING…

  • Candidates now are NOT visiting recruiting vendor offices, reading printed ads, or spending as much time on a job portal. They’re leveraging technology by interacting with recruiters through social networks, mobile apps and even WhatsApp messaging.
  • Top candidates are identifying the jobs they want and targeting their searches to specific employers — they’re no longer browsing job boards to see what pops.
  • Candidates rely heavily on social media, like Glassdoor, to influence their decisions. Negative reviews from past and present employees carry as much weight as those that evangelize the organization.
  • They are less attracted to opportunities from job postings and ads — they want a strong sense of connection with a company’s culture, promoted through a compelling employment brand.

On the other hand to leverage candidate’s evolved search styles,employers are now:

  • Investing heavily to develop their EMPLOYER BRAND by giving the candidate a reason to consider leaving his or her current position for one that offers a better culture, closer alignment with personal and professional aspirations, opportunities to develop new skills or advance, and more. Also refining the value proposition into a message that has impact and a hook.
  • Broadcasting of messages at all possible channels.. Be it as Social Media (LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Twitter,Facebook,Instagram,Pinterest etc.) or be it an interactive referral program, Flashmobs at production/operations floor or be it using interactive games at the breakout zone.
  • Using applicant tracking systems the same way business development professionals use their CRMs: develop a pipeline, measure leads through analytics, monitor conversion rates, and use the data as business intelligence for honing processes and forecasting.


Most of the organizations receive applications for jobs in bulk pouring from various sourcing channels. It poses a great challenge for recruiters to go through all sort of applications. With the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence in the ATS

  • Job applications are screened as per the pre-defined job descriptions in the system and eliminates the need for unreliable manual screening, making sure no candidate is missed.
  • It goes beyond simple keyword matches identifying the most qualified candidates, instantly. Further the system scans and filters resumes grading every candidate A, B, C or D in real time, all within ATS.
  • It reduces the time to screen and with nearly 100% accuracy
  • It rediscovers past candidates within existing talent pool that are a great fit for a new role.


Screened profiles can easily be put forward for an online assessment/real time system enabled chat (Chabot) to do the basic screening thereby eliminating not suited candidates.


Usage of chatbots in the recruiting system not only engages candidates 24X7, but also shortens the turnaround time to close the position by:

  • Eliminating the need for initial screening calls and focus only on qualified candidates.
  • Effortlessly automating 60-80% of top of funnel interactions including sourcing, screening and scheduling. Thus making more time for high-level, enjoyable work for recruiting professionals.
  • Tracking the progress of the candidates at different stages of recruitment and joining and intelligently tract feedback on the working of the selection process.
  • Reaching out to passive candidates through their preferred method of contact. Drastically increasing response rates and import engaged candidates directly into ATS.
  • Reaching out to candidates in hours, not weeks.
  • Keeping candidates engaged and interested — at scale. Whether you receive 10 resumes a day, or 10000.
  • Keeping every candidate informed therefore enhancing candidate experience.

Chatbots assess data points objectively which are free from the assumptions, biases, and mental fatigue that humans are susceptible to. Therefore, removing every hint of the unconscious bias and the dilemma of favoritism in the mind of candidates/stakeholders.

The world around us is changing radically. We are in an unprecedented era of revolution and flux, where technology is not only causing social transformation but is developing as a response to social trends.

Recruption has left us with the foundation for amazing opportunities in the year to come. For this reason, HR has become the cornerstone of organization’s innovation and is going to be responsible for the execution of strategy to hire best talent. Artificial Intelligence, is going to play one of the most instrumental role.

Successful ACQUISITION OF TALENT requires a solid mix of art and science which means Recruption beyond Recruitment.

Author- Kiran Bhatia Tandon is HR Professional with an illustrious career spanning over 15 years. She has worked in diverse industries like Medical Technology, E-commerce, Automobile, ITES and has proved her mettle in numerous areas like Talent Acquisition, Employer Branding, Organisation Design and change management amongst others. Currently she is Chief Human Resources Officer at Add247.


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