Talent Brand is as important as Employer Brand


All Companies have an Employer Brand: Good / Bad/ Ugly. A good Employer Brand helps in Attracting & Retaining Talent. A strong Employer Brand can provide important competitive advantage, and employees who reflect your brand to talented job seekers can be a true competitive differentiator.

A brand is no longer what we tell our current / potential employees, it is actually what they tell about us.

While Employer Brand talks about “What you want to be” Talent Brand is “What you are”. Talent Brand is where the rubber meets the road. By focusing on establishing a successful Talent Brand, you can ensure that your Employer Brand is positioned to take advantage of the key benefits like talent attraction, employee retention, cost savings and time efficiencies.

Talent Brand is “the honest story of life as an employee inside an organization, as told by the employees. It is essentially the way in which an Employer Brand is perceived by current, former and potential employees alike. Talent brand comes directly from employee experiences and feedback. This feedback from real employees provides a valuable touchpoint and reality check for the employer brand.

Your Talent Brand is as important as Employer Brand. Create a strong Employer brand with your employees at the forefront of your strategy, this will in turn encourage them to portray your brand positively outside of work. A strong Talent Brand strategy will not only enable you to reduce your costs, staff retention but will also attract talent as potential employees will already have a realistic perception of the brand from your current employees.

Current, past and even prospective employees shape your talent brand through social media posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & other Social Media Channels, review sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, direct network conversations, face-to-face interactions and referrals.

According to LinkedIn, A strong Talent Brand reduces cost-per-hire by up to 50% & can also slash turnover rates by as much as 28%

Your talent branding efforts can help ensure that the promises you made during the recruitment phase are fulfilled throughout the rest of the employee life cycle.

Building and managing your Talent Brand strategy will always be a work in progress. Talent Branding should be a shared responsibility of everyone within the organization.

Be Real, Be Personal. Empower Employees to be Ambassadors. Encourage them to Share their Story. Make your Culture Shine

Make no mistake, you have lots of audiences: Employees, Potential Employees, Alumni, Customers, Competitors, and Investors – are inter- acting on social media and networking sites. Why not you?

According to LinkedIn, “Talent brand is what talent thinks, feels and shares about your company as a place to work. l

P.S-“The views expressed in the article are personal & do not reflect the view of any organisation.”


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Shweta Pathak is an Employer Branding, Strategic Recruitment Marketing and Talent Acquisition Specialist, with an extensive experience on both Corporate and Consulting sides and an academic background in Human Resources and Marketing. She is interested in sharing practices and thoughts in the Employer Branding, Helping Companies build a strong Employer brand to Attract, Engage & Retain Top Talent. She has been Awarded as one of the “HR 40 Under Forty” Leaders by Jombay. She has been listed in: India’s Top 25 HR Influencers on Twitter, Top 100 Human Resources and Recruiting Leaders (globally) to follow on Twitter and India’s top 10 Women Leaders in HR.


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