How to overcome talent management challenges with help of Technology


Success and failure of any organization depends on it employees. So, no matter how capable our processes, software, Artificial Intelligence and infrastructure is, unless we have our employees work towards the common goal of the organization, success could be a far-fetched thing.

Just as technology has evolved to become more complex and powerful, for a company to stay ahead of competition, Talent Management must join hands with these ever evolving technologies to deliver best desired results.

While there are multiple categories under Talent Management, I would like to touch upon how Technology can overcome Talent Management  Challenges in some of the HR processes.


Right from selecting a Talent to Onboarding, Payrolls, Payables, Compliance, Performance Management, Rewards, Retention and Offboarding, the complete HR process can be your worst nightmare, as a matter of fact it was till a few decades back, incase we do not choose to use Technology to support it. Infact the technology has evolved so much that it is not just about basic technologies being used to process information, it is also about expectations, which is to have more capable products for better Employee Experience and Return on Investment.

Traditional HR recruitment entails sitting in an office, reviewing resumes, conducting phone screenings, and setting up in-person interviews if a candidate met certain criteria. It is a reactive function that activates only when a new position is created or an old position is vacated.

Use of technology in Talent Management, on the other hand, includes predicting the need for new talent, while constantly optimizing existing talent, providing Career Progression and Job Rotations to arrest attrition challenges in this Global Marketplace.

HR Tech can use automation and machine learning to scan resumes for relevant experience, administer skills tests, verify employment status records, and run background checks to narrow the range of candidates. This way, the Talent managers can spend more time strategizing than spending on shortlisting from hardcopy resumes.

Technology can weave multiple process to make it look like ‘One’ for the employee, making it an overall Wow Experience overall. Consider a selected candidate submitting documents on an online portal of an organization which talks internally to onboarding team and the same information is pushed to the HRIS of the Organization. What happens in this complete process is that the data once verified at the offer release stage stays intact and un-editable till it rests in the HRIS system, making it error free and faster because of minimum manual intervention.

Cloud based SaaS has further given boost to overall Talent Management. When an information about an employee is captured in the Cloud based HRIS system, be it Promotion, Skillset, Function, Job Rotations, etc, the complete data is available on a click of a button and can be accessible from anywhere. Bigger organization may use it to bridge Skill gaps and can save cost by finding employees internally for a job over going external.

Why do employees stay? Or Leave? What helps to make them top performers? How do we build on their strengths and diminish their weaknesses? These are just a few of the questions the best companies ask themselves about their employees.

The answers to these questions and more lies in People Analytics: Software and Digital Tools that parse information from surveys, statistics, measurements, activities, and processes to delineate how a company functions and how best to improve.


“Technology will shape the future of work by humanizing it. The next generation of talent is demanding a human experience; one that is accessible and convenient.” – Ryan Adams (Chief Impact Officer of Qualify States)

The most successful organizations regard their employees, their talent, as strategic assets. They seek to align their workforce with their business objectives and use technology to measure results, monitor performance, direct decisions to be better and stronger tomorrow than they are today.

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Harjas Singh Popli has over 16 years work experience as an HR professional and currently he is Head –Human Resources at Network Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - An IBM Company. As a business HR leader, with a strong mix of commercial acumen, interpersonal and creative competencies that underpin hi s success in solving complex business problems, he thrive to working on enterprise strategy, tackling challenging start up or turn-around strategies, with a holistic approach to HR and Business covering specializations comprising: Performance Management, Compensation & Benefits, Employee Engagement, Change Management, Talent & Leadership Management, and Service Delivery.


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