Rajita Singh on how Kyndryl India champions DE&I & equal access

Rajita Singh on how Kyndryl India champions DE&I & equal access
Our culture - the Kyndryl Way - underpins everything we do as a company. It is based on three values - being restless to continuously learn and innovate, being empathetic, and being devoted to shared success.

Rendezvous With Rajita Singh Chief People Officer Kyndryl India on DE&I & Equal Opportunities for employees

Rajita Singh is the Chief People Officer for Kyndryl India, and she leads the HR function for the company in India in this role. Before this, she led the HR organization at Broadridge Financial Solutions India where she played an integral part of the company’s growth story.

Rajita built the company’s brand as an employer of choice with best-in-class retention and engagement, and she has a proven record of influence on culture, associates, and leaders – helping them become a Great Place to Work in India. She is the youngest Convenor of the CII HR-IR Panel for the State.

Outside work, Rajita is a NASSCOM committee member, a car racing champ, Bharatnatyam dancer, counselor, meditator, doodler, and avid reader.

Q1: What key strategies have Kyndryl India implemented to foster diversity and inclusion within the organization?

We are continuously evolving our policies and procedures to become inclusive, open and empathetic. Last year, we mandated inclusion-related goals for managers and executives to embed the values of diversity and inclusion into leadership responsibilities.

Our culture – the Kyndryl Way – underpins everything we do as a company. It is based on three values – being restless to continuously learn and innovate, being empathetic, and being devoted to shared success.

The Kyndryl Inclusion Networks (KIN) play a crucial role in driving inclusion, diversity, and equity (ID&E) messaging within the organization. KINs focus on women, persons with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ communities to enhance engagement and increase a sense of belonging.

Q2: How does Kyndryl India ensure equal opportunities for all employees, regardless of their backgrounds or identities?

At Kyndryl we have inclusive leave policies, LGBTQ+ allyship training, and leadership development programs such as “Building Relationships & Influence” and “Developing Leaders” to build an equal opportunity environment. These programs provide experiential learning, certifications from prestigious business schools and opportunities to work on real-world projects.

Programs like “Tanmatra” and “Building Influence,” offer certifications and experiential learning tailored for women at various career stages. The Inclusive Leave policy accommodates diverse needs, while leadership training focuses on active listening and navigating crucial conversations.

Kyndryl also promotes inclusivity through networking forums, reverse mentoring, and one-on-one sessions, fostering an environment where every employee feels valued. These initiatives collectively contribute to a workplace culture that prioritizes equal opportunities and embraces diversity.

Q3: What challenges has Kyndryl India faced in promoting diversity and inclusion, and how have you worked to overcome them?

Many companies today witness a potential gap between existing organizational structures and diverse leadership styles.

At Kyndryl, we have introduced the ‘Empathy Inclusion Index’ tool which evaluates leaders based on their empathy, emphasizing the genuine need for understanding and support.

The leadership’s commitment to ongoing training, focusing on handling crucial conversations and fostering an inclusive mindset, reinforces the importance of empathetic leadership at all organizational levels.

Q4: What is the importance of leadership buy-in and support in driving diversity and inclusion efforts within the organization?

Leadership buy-in is not just about acknowledging diversity and inclusion efforts but actively engaging with employees, listening to their experiences, and evolving with them.

It promotes a culture where leaders are approachable, compassionate, and committed to understanding the unique needs of their team members.

At Kyndryl, we believe leadership support is fundamental for breaking down hierarchies, encouraging open dialogue, and creating a workplace environment that values diversity and inclusion

Q5: What advice would you give to other organizations looking to improve their diversity and inclusion practices based on Kyndryl India’s experiences and successes?

I believe that implementing concrete actions and programs to drive diversity and inclusion is crucial for every organization today. 

Organizations must focus on customized leadership programs that address diverse needs, accompanied by networking forums and reverse mentoring. This approach breaks down hierarchies and aids holistic growth that goes beyond traditional structures. 

Empowering employees through ownership and allowing them to lead can bring a variety of perspectives to the table.  Listening, learning, and adapting to feedback must be a priority to improve the relevance of diversity and inclusion practices and organizations should build this into their growth strategy.

Finally, developing a strong Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) presence is crucial for today’s dynamic workplace environments. Organizations must empower HR leaders to build strong connections within the organization that can reinforce the commitment to diversity and inclusion. 

Thank You, Rajita!


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