Transforming HR: Vinod Parur’s Impactful Campaigns at RR Kabel

Transforming HR Vinod Parur's Impactful Campaigns at RR Kabel
At RR Kabel, the leadership and human resource managers have been instrumental in promoting a culture of ongoing learning and innovation. By being an active participant in learning initiatives, and inspiring others to do the same, our leadership serves as a powerful example to the workforce.

Vinod Parur, Chief Human Resources Officer, RR Kabel. He has more than 22 years of work experience and has worked with multifaceted industries like infrastructure, pharma, engineering, and manufacturing companies.

His functional core competencies are in the areas of strategic human resources planning, talent management and development, performance management, leadership development, training & development, assessment & certification, employee relations, and EH&S Management.

He is a visiting guest speaker, mentor, and on the advisory board of reputed management institutes. Previously, he has worked in Hindustan Construction Company, Unichem, Schindler, A.T.E. Group, and Nilkamal.

Q1- You started your career in OD & training, and have always been part of the manufacturing sector. What keeps you excited to inspire progress for the people in this industry?

Having built my career in organizational development and training for the manufacturing industry, I’m excited by the significant impact that this sector has on people and communities.

For an HR leader, it is very gratifying to see individuals develop and advance in a manufacturing environment, knowing that one is playing a role in enhancing their abilities, job satisfaction, and general well-being.

In the manufacturing industry, progress is a team effort driven by creativity and cooperation. it’s a setting where flexibility is valued, and I find it energizing to support constructive change that benefits both individuals as well as the organization as a whole.

Manufacturing also serves as a centre for technical innovation and operational excellence. Being a part of this progress and enabling our team members to succeed in this challenging environment motivates me profoundly every single day.

There is a strong sense of pride in influencing not only individual careers but also the very direction of the industry as a whole, as we throw open the doors to change.

Q2Leading HR at RR Kabel, a leading wire & cable manufacturer in India, what are some of the HR campaigns that you’ve led and have had maximum impact and driven your recent recognition as “Great Place to Work”?

RR Kabel Limited has earned the prestigious ‘Great Place to Work’ certification – solidifying our commitment to fostering a work environment where performance and employee well-being go hand in hand. Our ‘Growth Accelerator’ initiative has certainly been a key contributor to our achievement of this certification.

Through focused training, mentorship, and leadership programs, the initiative aims to provide employees with the tools they need to take charge of their professional development. It serves to not only boost employee morale but also aids our efforts to retain talent and elevate overall performance.

We’ve established a culture that emphasizes employee health and work-life balance by implementing flexible work arrangements, wellness programs, and mental health awareness campaigns. Our dedication to employee well-being is evident and has played a key role in the organization being designated a ‘Great Place to Work’.

Q3Being part of the US$1.25bn conglomerate, RR Global, how much is it possible to lean on their global best practices, and where do you have scope to localize these to your context?

As a key part of the US$1.25 billion conglomerate RR Global, we benefit greatly from having access to a multitude of international best practices. This provides us with a wealth of knowledge, tactics, and approaches that have been successfully applied across numerous corporate environments.

These tried-and-tested practices empower us to streamline operations, improve operational effectiveness, and implement constructive HR policies. However, it is equally important not to lose sight of the local context.

While international best practices serve as a solid foundation, we recognize the value of customizing our methods to take into account the distinctive characteristics of local culture, industry legislation, and workforce dynamics.

This ensures that our HR efforts address the specific requirements of our local organization and staff.

Q4- What has been the role of the leadership, and people managers in driving a culture of continuous learning and innovation RR Kabel?

At RR Kabel, the leadership and human resource managers have been instrumental in promoting a culture of ongoing learning and innovation. By being an active participant in learning initiatives, and inspiring others to do the same, our leadership serves as a powerful example to the workforce.

Mentoring and empowering their teams, our people managers ensure alignment between employee development with business objectives. Fostering a safe environment for experimentation, and the promotion of fresh ideas is another way our leaders support innovation.

Through their collective efforts, RR Kabel’s culture has been infused with a dedication to change and progress, propelling our success in a dynamic environment

Q5- RR Kabel has been successful in identifying skill gaps and implementing tailored training programmes for employees. What strategies have you employed to effectively identify these skill gaps and ensure the training programmes are aligned with individual and organisational goals?

At RR Kabel, our success in identifying skill gaps and putting customized training in place to address them stems from a focused strategy that balances personal and business objectives. To find gaps, we use information from performance reviews, competency evaluations, and conversations with managers and staff.

We identify critical competencies for roles in close collaboration with department heads, ensuring that training material is specifically tailored to meet requirements. Our flexible training program encourages participation by letting employees choose their own learning pathways in accordance with their goals. Our programs are improved through feedback loops and post-training assessments.

The effectiveness of our training lies in how it connects to organizational objectives, balancing personal development with business success. It ensures that our team not only gains the necessary skills but also actively contributes to the development of the organization.

Q6- The HR landscape in India is constantly evolving. What are some notable trends or changes you have observed in recent years, and how have they impacted the way HR functions are carried out at RR Kabel?

The HR environment in India has changed considerably, and at RR Kabel, we’ve seen major developments that have redefined our own processes. The deployment of technology has expedited HR procedures, improving decision-making and the working environment.

Work-life balance initiatives and flexible scheduling have resulted from placing a high priority on employee well-being, which has significantly increased engagement. Diversity and inclusion have gained prominence in the organization, with an emphasis on inclusive recruitment strategies and diversity training.

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Leveraging data analytics while formulating HR strategies helps with trend detection and crafting targeted initiatives. Thus, by incorporating technology, implementing well-being initiatives, promoting diversity, and leveraging data-driven insights, we guarantee the success of our HR strategies, promoting both organizational and individual growth.

Q7- Could you share any upcoming projects or initiatives that RR Kabel has planned to create an even better workplace environment in the future?

We have drawn a clear future HR roadmap to make our company future-ready. HR automation to increase our efficiency and effectiveness, HR analytics to support business decisions, enhancing our skill development program to upskill and reskill our employees followed by continuous welfare and employee assistance programs to support employee well-being are a few of our vital ongoing projects.

We will continue to put diversity and inclusion at the forefront of our work. We are in the process of establishing an inclusion task group that will lead activities encouraging a more diverse and respectful workplace.

Additionally, in order to improve communication and openness, we’re introducing an internal portal where staff members may provide feedback, engage in idea-sharing, and learn about new developments in the business.

Q8- Lastly, as a leader, how do you balance the need for short-term results with the long-term vision and goals of the organisation?

Every leader has to strike a balance between immediate outcomes and our long-term vision. As the HR head at RR Kabel, I balance these elements by formulating clear, attainable short-term goals that enable us to achieve our long-term objectives and ensure that we are moving in the right direction.

The key is honest communication. The team is better motivated to work toward both immediate goals and long-term aspirations when everyone is on board with the larger vision.

Adopting agility is essential as well; flexible decision-making ensures responsiveness while maintaining long-term sustainability. Our personnel management procedures also endeavor to strike a balance between meeting immediate staffing demands and encouraging employee development for a future-ready workforce.

Effective leadership is ultimately defined by the harmony between short-term successes and long-term goals. I ensure that RR Kabel’s immediate results contribute to our long-term strategy by encouraging purposeful alignment, open communication, and agility.

Thank You, Vinod!


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