If you prepare them, you wouldn’t have to repair them- Shiv Khera

Shiv Khera
The lockdown has already provided us enough time to grow ourselves on being the better version than before. Yet, if one has not been able to upscale with the new knowledge and learning then, the person has lacked self-discipline and commitment; not the time!

In Conversation with Shiv Khera, Author, Educator, Business Consultant, and a much sought-after speaker

Mr. Khera inspires and encourages individuals to realize their true potential. He has taken his dynamic personal messages to opposite sides of the globe, from the U.S. to Singapore. His 40 years of research and understanding has put millions on the path of growth and fulfillment.

Over 8 million copies of his books have been sold globally including his international bestseller “You Can Win” in 21 languages. His clients include Lufthansa, HP, DHL, HSBC, Canon, Nestle, Philips, Mercedes, Johnson & Johnson, Metlife, and many more. Tens of thousands have benefited from his dynamic workshops internationally in over 20 countries and millions have heard him as a Keynote Speaker. He has appeared on numerous radio and television shows.

Q. The COVID-19 crisis has impacted all of us, how do you see it from lockdown to Unlock-2?

However, the COVID-19 Crisis has impacted us in three major ways-

  • It has impacted our Life
  • It has impacted our livelihood
  • It has impacted our lifestyle

Still, I would say that The COVID-19 Crisis and the countrywide lockdown have been a wonderful time for each one of us to reflect back into our lives. The lockdown time has proven to us that “the direction is far more important than speed”. No matter how fast we are moving, if the destination isn’t well defined, being speedy is of no use.

Let’s not overrate the crisis and threat that we are facing and let’s not underestimate our strength to fight and win.

The lockdown has already provided us enough time to grow ourselves on being the better version than before. Yet, if one has not been able to upscale with the new knowledge and learning then, the person has lacked self-discipline and commitment; not the time! So, it’s totally up to us what to choose and what not to.

Singapore government has allocated billions of dollars for upskilling people, realizing that there won’t be time to upscale after lockdown and crisis is over. This is the time for learning, preparation for the future, up-skill, and upgrades the people. “If you prepare them, you wouldn’t have to repair them.”

Q. Most of the companies have allowed their employees to work from home, how do you see it in terms of productivity and output in new normal?

Absolutely, organizations have implemented the Work from Home (WFH) module and a few are also extending it for the rest of the year. WFH is definitely not a paid vacation; rather, it’s an opportunity for one to perform the task independently without strict supervision. Everyone who is following WFH must reflect on the output they are getting through this module.

In every organization there the four kinds of employees-

  • Superstar- These are proactive people, they work without supervision, and they do a great job. You don’t have to double-check them to see if they are doing the correct thing or not. And inject new ideas to your organization.
  • Doers – If you tell them they do it if you don’t tell them they don’t do it…If they do it you have to check it if they have done it correctly or not.
  • Talkers- They talk but they don’t want to do, and they only do what they can get by with. They are really not motivated but they enough that you have no reason to fire them.
  • Troublemakers- These are the people who have a bad attitude and there are always everywhere with all the organizations.

“80:20 rules apply here, 20% of people are responsible, they are motivated and they work without supervision but 80% of people need supervision and guidance.”

Companies need to screen out talkers and troublemakers and manage with superstars and doers.  I would say, organizations also need to set productivity standards whether people working from home, or office unless you link their compensation with performance.

You perform and get your money!

Q. Currently, we’re into Unlock-2, (Lockdown with relaxations), what is your advice on coping with the crisis?

I consider coping up with crisis needs to be in the following ways.

  • Serenity Prayer – “God, give me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change, correct the things that I can change, and wisdom to know what I can and I cannot.” The problem is a sign of life. As long as we are alive, we will have it. The day when we don’t have any problems, we are dead.
  • Limit your exposure to the news every day- Due to the pandemic the situation across the world; almost all of the news is negative which is directly creating a negative impact on our body. It’s high time that people need to stay away from fake news and always reply to the reliable and genuine sources only. 
  • Don’t Stress in COVID times – Don’t Stress in COVID times, creating a balance between personal and professional life, prioritizing self-care, health care with minimum resources and time, get answers to all your questions, about lifestyle medicine and its importance, about holistic wellness and about dealing with depression.
  • Upgrade Your Skillsets– This the best time to learn new skills,upgrade yourself, read self-help books. When the great leaders are asked for the reason behind their success, you won’t find any answer like TV or something like that. The legit answer for the reason behind their success is undoubtedly self-help books. They do not have time to waste on fiction books or TV etc.
  • Establish connect and build positive relationships- Spending time with the family and closed ones, customers, and colleagues during the crisis ensures connect and strong people’s bonding. There isn’t any better time than now to get emotionally strong. Every relationship in our life is so crucial. The real cost of a strong relationship worth more than a million-dollar. Families and friends are our best and greatest asset.

Q. Any concluding remarks?

First, this is the time to grow ourselves and be the better version than before. During this crisis and lockdown period if we have not upskilled ourselves, or if not become more knowledgeable, or if not become healthier and fitter, we are wasting a golden opportunity.

Second, this is the time to “GIVE BACK IN LIFE”, help underprivileged people, help those who have lost their jobs. There are many great people who are coming forward and helping society. This is a great gesture. I salute them because sharing has become part and way of life.

Thank you, Mr. Khera!


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