How JLL drives Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in workplace

Case Study: How JLL drives Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in workplace
Our programmatic approach to diversity and inclusion ensures that our people have the right opportunity and culture to thrive and succeed at their workplace, day in and day out

Case Study: How JLL drives Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in workplace

Diversity & Inclusion is at the center of everything that we do. As a Firm, we have taken significant steps not just to project ourselves but imbibe, follow and preach the advantages of diversity and an inclusion-friendly working environment. We accept, appreciate, and celebrate our diverse talent across Gender, Geographies, and Generation (3Gs), which are critical for the Firm’s success.

Our programmatic approach to diversity and inclusion ensures that our people have the right opportunity and culture to thrive and succeed at their workplace, day in and day out. This approach considers every touchpoint of the employee life cycle – beginning from recruitment practices to training and development programs to providing regular support services.

Recruiting different talents with the right values

  • LGBT & Differently abled: Special focus on hiring LGBTs and differently-abled people.
  • Women Referral Program: Special program to recommend women candidates for the open positions at JLL.
  • External recruitment strategy: Conscious efforts in ensuring there is atleast one female in candidate pipeline

Developing our talented workforce

  • Leadership@JLL: We have invested in state-of-the-art technology to help our people better plan their goals and develop their careers. This includes the development of a career hub, Leadership at JLL. The hub supports the entire career journey, from skill-building to exploring new roles. It also features trainings and resources that focus on our approach to helping grow and advance leaders at every level. We call this program REAL Leadership.
  • Sensitising workshops on Inclusion: Equipping our leaders in managing diverse groups within their teams.
  • WiAM (Women in Account Management): Support network for women to develop and advance their career in Account Management, even if their current roles are not in Account Management.
  • WTT (Women transforming technology): A platform to connect and equip women working in the technology space.

Employee benefits & special policies

  • Returning Mothers: Through this program, we ensure that new moms feel comfortable settling back at work. A warm welcome by their manager followed by a mentoring session on the work-life balance is provided.
  • Flex for your day: Flexible work arrangement approach to help employees balance competing priorities on and off work.
    Informal: Occasionally working from a location other than the office and/or a temporary change in your usual working hours.
  • Permanent: Permanent change to working hours & conditions (i.e., gradual return, part-time, planned exit, job-share).

GRTW (gradual return to work)

The objective of this policy is to help and support our people transition back to work at a comfortable and gradual pace after a planned or unplanned absence from the office. Under this policy, if someone has used up leave and need more time off to care for an immediate family member, kids or for personal reason, he/she can discuss with his/her line manager on all possible arrangements

  • Crèche facility: To help the returning mothers (nursing/adopting mothers) achieve their career aspirations through facilitating childcare, we have tied-up with KLAY PreSchools and Day Care to take care of their kids while they are at work.
  • Babyterias: Dedicated space for working mothers to get their kids in the absence of alternate arrangements. This space can also be used by nursing mothers
  • Well-being
    • Webinars: Physical, Mental and Financial well-being webinars are organised at regular intervals.
    • Santulan (Employee Assistance Programs): Professional counselling to the colleagues experiencing problems & challenges in their personal life under strict privacy
    • Wellbeing Resource Hub – Ready repository of wellness resources on our intranet for information and support about health and well-being.
  • Workplace Allys– Group of employees who align themselves with colleagues to make sure they are heard and included, thereby creating a culture of inclusion. As of date, we have 80 volunteers at the PAN India level.

Celebrating special days

  • Celebrating who we are week: One of our most significant diversity and inclusion initiatives celebrated every year is “Celebrating who we are”. We come together and celebrate our diverse and inclusive workplace through many unique and meaningful events.
  • International Women’s Day: A variety of activities, panel discussions, and client talks are organised every year to recognise and appreciate the contribution of our women workforce across levels.
  • International Men’s Day: Multiple sessions are held to understand the challenges men face that hold them back from being their best and affect their mental health. And how others can contribute to breaking the typical societal norms around masculinity.
  • Building Pride: Through this initiative, we create, a secure, respected, and accepting environment where professionals of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and allies are empowered to reach their full potential.

A quick snapshot of our key metrics of success and resultant impact

  • Our gender diversity stands at 19.1% as on 31st Dec 2020.
  • Women presently fill 15.4%of the management positions. This indicates that women leaders are increasingly making their presence felt in the boardrooms.
  • Onboarded different abled candidates and candidates from LGBT+ community
  • As per our recent employee engagement survey, Women scored well in empathy. This has resulted in better employee and client satisfaction.
  • Presence of female representatives in the National Executive Council of JLL India, the highest governing board of the Firm and at the next highest level -The India Leadership Council.
  • Recently appointment of Female CEO – Radha Dhir who comes from non – real estate industry demonstrates how inclusive we are as a firm.


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