A good example of gender diversity at the Mondelez factory, half of the staff are women


Mondelez India has set a good example of gender diversity. FMCG giant’s Mondelez India’s manufacturing unit in Sri City, Andhra Pradesh largest factory among its 35 plants in the AMEA (Asia, Middle East and Africa) region, Out of the 300 employees on the production floor, 149 are women.- Economic Times

According to the 2018 report of the Ministry of Labour & Employment, India’s organised sector (public and private) employs 3 crore workers. Only 61 lakh, or 20.5%, are women. At 12%, the proportion of women in the manufacturing sector is even lower. The gender diversity at the Mondelez factory, therefore, is remarkable.

Mondelez has shown that gender parity and equality can be achieved in industrial settings with a little thought and effort. When the plant was set up three years ago, the company set out to build a factory floor with equal representation of women.

Sri City started as a greenfield project. We wanted to establish high-performance work systems at the facility. We felt gender parity will bring in the uniqueness to help us achieve that,says Vidya Kumar, plant HR lead at Mondelez India.


Mondelez approached families of villages in and around Andhra Pradesh to hire these women. “We interviewed these girls while most of them were still in college. Then brought their parents to our facility to show them that Mondelez has built a safe and secure work environment for their daughters,” Vidya Kumar also added.

A number of thoughtful measures go into making sure the women employees find it to be a safe and welcoming workplace. For most of these women, this is their first job. The organisation conducts a 6-12 month training programme in Bengaluru to expose them to the industrial environment. They stay in a company hostel 20 minutes away from the plant.

Pick-up and drop and hostel food come at a subsidised rate deducted from their salary. There’s a crèche inside the facility for young mothers. A medical centre stays open 24/7. A gynaecologist visits the site every fortnight.


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