Flipkart appoints Krishna Raghavan as new Chief People Officer

At Flipkart’s office in Bengaluru, groups that require workplace IT infrastructure to carry out optimally will return to work in a staggered method from this week. “We’re taking a calibrated strategy to resume work at our workplace campus in Bengaluru, in phases,” stated Krishna Raghavan, chief folks officer at Flipkart.

According to an email sent by CEO Kalyan Krishnamurthy to company executives, Krishna Raghavan will be the new Chief People Officer from April 2020.

Currently, Krishna Raghavan is working as Senior Vice President of Engineering, Fulfillment, and Services Group (FSG Tech) at Flipkart.

As Chief People Officer, Krishna will be responsible for people, talent, and rewards, and report to Krishnamurthy. Earlier he was reporting to Jeyandran Venugopal, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Flipkart.

This comes within months of Smriti Krishna Singh, Senior Vice President, and Chief Human Resources officer, quitting after a nearly one-year stint.

Prior to joining Flipkart Group, Raghavan was the vice president, engineering at Future Ecommerce Infrastructure, he is an innovative and inspiring leader with over 20 years of experience working in product companies across the US, and India. Extensive experience with e-commerce Apps, SaaS Delivery Model, Engineering Leadership and Management, Product Startups, Enterprise Solutions/Integrations and running 24/7 high availability product operations.

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