Google salary data, software engr paid Rs 5.90 crore base salary

Google employees salary leaked; software engineers lead with Rs 5.90 crore base salary
The salaries of employees at Google have revealed a median total compensation of $279,802 in 2022 which is Rs 2.30 crore when converted into Indian currency.

This salary data came from an internal spreadsheet shared among Google employees that contained information on more than 12,000 US workers.

In the middle of layoffs and a salary freeze, Google is paying its employees a high salary. Google employees were reported to have earned an average total compensation of $279,802 (approximately Rs. 2.3 crore) in 2022 when converted into Indian currency.

This places Google employees among the top earners in the tech industry within the United States.

Here are the top 10 highest base salaries at Google across all industries for 2022, according to reports of Business Today:

Software Engineer: $7,18,000 (Rs 5.90 crore)
Engineering Manager (Software Engineering): $4,00,000 (Rs 3.28 crore)
Enterprise Direct Sales: $3,77,000 (Rs 3.09 crore)
Legal Corporate Counsel: $3,20,000 (Rs 2.62 crore)
Sales Strategy: $3,20,000 (Rs 2.62 crore)
UX Design: $3,15,000 (2.58 crore)
Government Affairs & Public Policy: $3,12,000 (2.56 crore)
Research Scientist: $3,09,000 (2.53 crore)
Cloud Sales: $3,02,000 (2.47 crore)
Program Manager: $3,00,000 (2.46 crore)

Recently, Google is starting a new pilot program restricting some of its employees to use internet-free desktops.

A Google spokesperson in an emailed statement said, “Ensuring the safety of our products and users is one of our top priorities.”

“We routinely explore ways to strengthen our internal systems against malicious attacks”, the spokesperson added.

The company has taken this extreme step to reduce the risk of cyberattacks as there have been several cases where companies witness cyberattacks.

In January, Google announced that it was firing six percent of its total workforce or 12,000 employees. The company’s CEO Sundar Pichai recently claimed that the ex-Googlers created 2,000 startups.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said, “Googlers have left to create over 2,000 startups, last I counted, and I think that’s great. Some of them are cloud customers down the line for us.”

“Some of them come back. I think it’s healthy,” Sundar Pichai added.  

He further said, “Our work toward sharpening our focus—I view it as enduring work. We are constantly trying to make the company more efficient.”


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