TCS can’t allow more than 40% of staff to work from home

“TCS is driving employee experience across the digital workplace, focusing on modern workplace management and technologies and best-fit support models." said John Laherty

In the wake of coronavirus outbreak, IT company TCS has allowed its employees to work from home, but the option has been restricted to about 40% of its employees only because, TCS supports mission-critical systems that run public services, banks and stock exchanges, insurance, and healthcare institutions, telecom & utility providers, retail, consumer goods and travel companies, which in turn provide essential services to people globally.

Tata Sons chairman N Chandrasekaran is understood to have sought special permission from Maharashtra Chief Minister Udhav Thackeray following a meeting in Mumbai on Friday afternoon, officials said. A number of critical utility banks on TCS’ back-end IT support and therefore TCS cannot shut shop entirely and operate from home, the official said.

The organizations and the societies they serve rely on TCS to keep their vital services running in these critical times,” a Tata Sons spokesperson told to media.

Some of TCS employees have expressed concern about the fact that the work-from-home option was not available to all TCS employees.

TCS CEO Rajesh Gopinathan in a letter to employees has said, “Our administration and HR teams are working diligently to ensure that those of us who need to work from offices are provided with a safe working environment.”

“We have taken several steps to minimize density in offices and keep them extra hygienic and sanitized. While some of these steps might be inconvenient, they significantly enhance the safety of each one of us and that of our partners, which is of critical importance now,” he said.

Rajesh added, “Each of us should be proud of the way TCS has responded to this crisis and stepped up to the challenge as one team. Working at times like this for companies like TCS is important because they support essential services”

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