Major Steps Taken by ESIC- 2018


Based on data received from The Ministry of Labour and Employment, below are major steps taken by ESIC in 2018.

Dispensary-cum-Branch Office (DCBO):

To strength its services delivery mechanism, ESIC has started establishing at least one contact point in every district of the country in phased manner in the form of Dispensary-cum-Branch Office (DCBO) to provide the primary medical services and cash benefits delivery.

Modified Employer’s Utilization Dispensary (Modified EUD):

The decision for establishing Modified Employer’s Utilization Dispensary (Modified EUD) on pilot basis has also been taken, with the objective of strengthening of stake holder’s participation in the expansion of primary care services of ESIC. Premises will be hired suitably for setting up of dispensary, preferably in the vicinity of clusters of residential area of IPs.  ESIC will provide furniture, equipments and medicines. Employer will appoint manpower and supervise the functioning of dispensary.

Atal Bimit Vyakti Kalyan Yojana:

Considering the change in employment pattern and the current scenario of employment in India which has transformed from a long term employment to short term engagement in form of contract and temping, the ESI Corporation has approved a Scheme named “ATAL BIMIT VYAKTI KALYAN YOJANA” for Insured Persons (IPs) covered under the Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948.  This scheme is a relief payable in cash directly to their Bank Account in case of unemployment and while they search for new engagement.

Modified Insurance Medical Practitioner (IMP) Scheme, 2018:

ESI Corporation has also given in principal approval to Modified Insurance Medical Practitioner (IMP) Scheme, 2018 to make IMP Scheme more attractive on pilot basis.  The Scheme may further be expanded in the new areas as well as existing areas as per need.  In area, where ESI does not have its medical establishment, or in newly implemented area, Primary Medical Care is provided cash less through tie up arrangement, with Insurance Medical Practitioner (IMP). Earlier IMPs used to be normally appointed by the Director Insurance Medical Scheme (DIMS), ESI Scheme and were paid Rs. 500/- per Insured Person per year which included consultation, basic lab investigation and cost of medicines.

  1. Under Modified Scheme, IMP will prescribe medicines as per available medical list (drawn from national essential list of medicine and basic investigations) in the health passbook with signature and upload image of prescription in the app.
  2. In addition through Mobile App, the IMP may recommend sickness benefit of 7 days in a spell up to maximum period of 30 days in a year, subject to remote verification of such recommendation by medical referee/DCBO doctor, the benefit would be remitted in the bank account of IP.

“UMANG: ESIC – Chinta Se Mukti” Mobile App:

IP centric information services are now made available through ‘ESIC – Chinta Se Mukti’ mobile app launched through UMANG (Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance) platform. With a simple mobile based authentication system, the IP can know about his personal and enrolled family demographic details, Contribution details, Insurance & eligibility details, information on entitled Benefits, Claim Status, Dispensary and Branch Office to which he is associated, etc. He can submit his feedback and avail services through this app. In addition, there is a knowledge bank pertaining to various benefits of ESI scheme. In due course, the App shall be made available in 13 different Indian languages including Hindi and English.

Extending coverage of social Security net of ESI Scheme (under ESIC 2.0):

As part of extending the social security benefits of ESI Scheme in the entire country, the scheme has been notified in all states and Union Territories except Arunachal Pradesh & Lakshadeep Islands. ESI Scheme is now in 36 States/Union Territories.

*Source – The Ministry of Labour and Employment

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