Google introduces a three-day weekend for employee

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Google introduces a three-day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) weekend for employee

After extending its work-from-home model until 2021 summer, the tech giant, Google has now introduced a three-day weekend to ensure employees’ well being during the Coronavirus pandemic.

With an aim to make sure its employees are maintaining their peace of mind and not letting the work taking a toll over them, Google has now added an extra day to the two-day long weekend. The new leave plan is meant for the employees’ ‘Collective well being.’

The Mountain View company will encourage all the employees (even interns) to that extra day off and asks managers to support their teams for the same. As per a report, Google’s internal forum for employees read, “We strongly encourage you to take this day off — and managers should actively support their team to reprioritize work commitments in order to do so.”

Additionally, employees can also swap their third week off with another day if something of importance comes up on Friday. Even though the technical team doesn’t have this provision as of now, Google is working on this to provide them with the benefits of relaxing.

This definitely is cool move on the part of Google, considering the not-so-productive and overburdened work-from-home days people have been facing for more than 7 months now.

This has created quite a stir on social media, with employees of other companies wanting the same protocol to be followed by their employers. 


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