WNS is hiring for various roles, explore job opportunities

WNS is hiring for various roles; appoints new Board of Directors
WNS (Holdings) Limited, a leading provider of global Business Process Management (BPM) solutions, had announced the appointment of Judy Marlinski to the Company’s Board of Directors effective December 1, 2023.

A global business process management company, WNS Global Services (WNS) in India is hiring for various roles.

WNS has been the world’s most preferred Business Process Management (BPM) destination for the past two decades. The company has a huge talent pool with diverse skills including engineering, analytics, finance and accounting, business management, quality control, and legal, plus proficiency in English.

The company said on its website.”At WNS, our sights are set on shaping the future of our employees, as they co-create the future with clients.” We are people-focused in our approach and believe that the best gift we can give our employees is that of “staying relevant!”

“There are domain universities that allow employees to upskill / reskill; there are multiple talent initiatives that nurture diversity and inclusion on the go, and more importantly, a cohesive work culture that allows for career growth. Eighty percent of WNS’ top leadership is home-grown, being a testimony to learning and career growth within the organization.” It added.

WNS’ environment of trust, collaboration, and opportunities helps employees thrive and become future-ready with the relevant skills WNS in India is hiring across the country and inviting job applications from experienced professionals for various roles across India. 

Explore Job Opportunities

The company said on its webpage, “PEOPLE FIRST, ALWAYS. Connecting you with people, opportunities and ideas”. Visit the career page and Click Here to explore job opportunities location-wise.

You can also click on the company’s LinkedIn Page for fresh opportunities or on other Job Portals.

WNS has a large presence with multiple centers across the country. The company is focused on offering domain-specific solutions spanning several industries and functions including, travel, banking, healthcare, analytics, finance & accounting, and more.

The company has over 59,000+ employees including data scientists, digital experts, tech evangelists, management graduates, and analytical professionals.

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