Axis Bank hiring housewives under a new initiative, details to apply

Axis Bank hiring housewives under a new initiative, details to apply
PTI | Axis Bank has been receiving encouraging participation from women across the country for these job offers ranging from freelancers, customer care executives, IT professionals, human resources, CSR and others that can keep women employed or regain work.

Axis Bank Limited, formerly known as UTI Bank, an Indian banking and financial services company invites job applications from housewives with a minimum qualification of Graduation from a recognized institute under its new diversity and inclusion initiative HouseworkIsWork.

Rajkamal Vempati, Head-HR, Axis Bank said, “Experience comes in different shapes and sizes, it is critical to move beyond age old templates to ensure our practices remain inclusive and give a fillip for women to enter the workforce.”

“Our HouseWorkIsWork initiative encourages women of all ages to apply to jobs.” She added.

The bank said on its advertisement page, “We are cognizant of the inequities that exist in society and the world at large. A more equitable and humane world that is more productive in business, human capital and encourages women to apply. And in doing so, we don’t just look at women as diversity, we look for diversity of identities and talents in women.”

The bank added, “If you are a woman who has taken a break for pursuing a personal ambition or to attend to a family emergency or for being there for your loved ones – it is still an investment to personal growth. We learn as much from life in its everydayness, as we do in schools, colleges, and other sanctuaries of knowledge.”

At Axis, we encourage you to not undervalue your commitments, achievements and actually make them count as work in the corporate lexicon. For example: Why cant teaching children be counted as “Head – Learning and Development” on the resume. Or managing variety of jobs be counted as “Diversity Equity and Inclusion., It further added.

Inviting job applications the Bank said, “We encourage women of all ages, sexualities to apply. If you identify as a man whose sex assigned at birth is female or are a woman whose sex assigned at birth is Male, you could also apply”

How to Apply: Click Here for more details, eligibility, and to apply.


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