Capgemini launches ‘Fostering Menopause Sensitivity Initiative’

Capgemini Launches Fostering Menopause Sensitivity Initiative
The company has introduced the latest initiative under the Happiness and Wellbeing pillar, "Fostering Menopause Sensitivity" It's like a micro course in understanding menopause.

Capgemini in India has introduced the latest initiative under the ‘Happiness and Wellbeing’ pillar “Fostering Menopause Sensitivity Initiative.”

Aarti Srivastava, Chief Human Resources Officer at Capgemini India shared the details on the social media platform LinkedIn.

Introducing the latest Menopause initiative Aarti said, “What do ‘menopause’ and ‘work’ have to do with each other? Here’s the challenge. For many women, the menopause transition happens during certain years, which is also the time when they are ready for or already in senior leadership roles bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge in their work area. Menopause symptoms tend to emerge just when women are poised to take their careers and lives to the next level.”

“Navigating menopause is like standing on a minefield – nobody talks about it until you’re deep into hot flashes and mood swings! And sometimes not even after that. Difficulties and lack of support during this critical life stage can lead to women dropping out of the workforce which further intensifies the gender gap at workplace challenge. Conversations around this natural life stage are often shrouded in silence”, she added.

Explaining the Initiative, Aarti further said that At @Capgemini, we’re breaking the silence!

Capgemini in India CHRO said, “Introducing our latest initiative under the Happiness and Wellbeing pillar, which I am very proud of – Fostering Menopause Sensitivity! It’s like a micro course in understanding menopause. Led by an expert from the menopause realm, this year-long program covers everything from battling hot flashes to finding your strength amid the hormone mayhem.”

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“It’s not just about surviving menopause; it’s about thriving through it! It’s also about breaking taboos and making menopause perfectly normal to talk about…both at home and the workplace. So, let’s leave behind the stigma and embrace this important phase together – men and women alike! Together, we can strengthen our community and create a workplace where everyone thrives.”, she concludes.

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