Cognizant Offers Free Program in Artificial Intelligence; Apply!

Cognizant is offering free program in Artificial Intelligence; Apply!
You don’t just learn new skills, you’re able to showcase your knowledge & get noticed by recruiters from top companies.

An American multinational information technology services and consulting company, Cognizant is offering a free program in Artificial Intelligence.

As part of Cognizant Digital Business, Cognizant’s Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics Practice provides advanced data collection and management expertise, as well as artificial intelligence and analytics capabilities that help clients create highly personalized digital experiences, products and services at every touchpoint of the customer journey.

During this program, you will get the opportunity to step into the shoes of a Cognizant team member and complete tasks that replicate the work that our Artificial Intelligence team does every day.

You’ll learn how to perform exploratory data analysis, communicate the results of a machine learning model, implement algorithm production, and review algorithm performance. 
The company said, “We hope this program provides a great resource for you to up-skill and strengthen your resume as you explore career options and a potential career at Cognizant!”

  1. Complete tasks guided by pre-recorded videos and example answers from our team at Cognizant. No live sessions, all are self-paced.
  2. Earn a certificate and add it to your resume and LinkedIn as an extracurricular activity.
  3. Stand out in applications. Confidently answer interview questions and explain why you’re a good fit for our team.
  4. To know about the course click here.

Job simulations contain real industry tasks, to develop transferable skills for workplace readiness.

You don’t just learn new skills, you’re able to showcase your knowledge & get noticed by recruiters from top companies.

How to Apply?

  1. Register for Forage, and enroll in job sims that help you explore career options.
  2. View video instructions from actual employees and access curated resources to help you in the task.
  3. Compare your work with model examples from the company and earn a certificate.
  4. Add your certificate to your resume, CV, and LinkedIn. Upload your resume into our platform and get a chance to connect with recruiters.

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