Delay in onboarding has happened before- Ex- HCL CEO Vineet Nayar

Delay in onboarding has happened before- Ex- HCL CEO Vineet Nayar

While commenting on the delay in onboarding, former HCL Tech CEO Vineet Nayar said that delay in onboarding has happened before.

Former HCL Tech CEO Vineet Nayar said, “This, delay in onboarding, has happened multiple times when there are twists and turns in the demand environment. This has happened before as well when there is an opportunity to turn for the negative or the positive.”

“Ability to predict demand for talent really goes wrong. A new employee takes about six to nine months to get trained and be deployed on a project”, Vineet Nayar said.

“And in the case of freshers, the offer is made one year in advance. Which means predicting at least 18 months in advance whether you would need that employee or not,” Vineet Nayar further added.

Earlier it was reported, Mindtree delayed the onboarding of employees by 10 months. Accenture reportedly confirmed hiring in April but is delaying the onboarding till 2023. According to reports, freshers who got the offer letter from the company earlier in the year are still waiting for their onboarding. The company has seemingly postponed the dates of onboarding till 2023.

According to Harpreet Singh Saluja, President of NITES, an IT employees association, nearly 30,000 IT professionals have been impacted by the delay in onboarding at top IT firms like Infosys, Wipro, Tech Mahindra, Capgemini, and others.

“The ballpark figure could be around 30,000 professionals because it is an ongoing process. Throughout the year, campus placements are conducted by these IT companies”, said Harpreet Singh Saluja.

He further added, “We are in touch with thousands of students, this figure can cross 30,000 also.”

Capgemini also released a statement saying, “We understand your grievance. Rest assured, we will be honoring all the issued Letters of Intent.”

“Our onboarding process is aligned with client requirements & staggered over time to factor in project schedules while providing the right training to new joiners”, the statement added.

However, announcing the Q2FY23 financial results most IT companies have assured that they will honor all the offer letters and onboarding is in process.


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