Divya Gokulnath shares ‘everyone says Byju’s has toxic culture, but..

‘Everyone says Byju’s has toxic culture, but…’ Divya Gokulnath shares ex-employee’s note

Recently, a former Byju’s employee has written a note to co-founder Divya Gokulnath. He explained that he had learned a lot from working with the organization.

Divya Gokulnath was tagged on Instagram “@divyagokulnath” saying, “Hello Divya mam, I was the employee of Byju’s and I have learned a lot from Byju’s. Byju’s taught me how to work hard and aim for success. In return, I want to do something for the team. I have started my own IT consulting firm and in 4 months with the blessings of elders and mentors like you and Byju sir I have gained a lot of success. My learning in Byju’s is really helping me.”

“I want to do something for team Byju’s. Please let me know mam if you require any resources or a team to work on any IT project. Please let me know mam I will be very happy to assist you,” the note added.

This just come after when in a recent viral post, a former Byju’s employee shared how the company’s decision affected him when he was told to “resign immediately”. He described it on a LinkedIn post as ‘not a complaint’ because the company helped him when he needed a job.

Arpit Singh, Operations Manager at BYJU’S shared a LinkedIn Post saying, “Hey Everyone Today I am telling this after losing all Hope, I lost my job due to layoffs.”

“I Don’t know where it was my fault I did very hard work throughout my work in BYJUS & Career I never applied a 10 to 8 work culture in my life I was always available 24/7 for my company but once they came and asked me to resign immediately”, the post added.

“I am not complaining about BYJUS they helped me last year when I need a job, the work culture was very good and they gave me work according to my likeness now they might be in trouble so they are taking such harsh decisions I will always respect my first organization but I was very sure that I can get a job easily for minimum same payroll but I was wrong”, the post further said.

“Last year I came into this private sector because I was not selected for Government by a very few margins but after a year I lost it I lost everything Don’t have Dare to tell my family that I have lost my job for approx a month ago because don’t have a good condition there in my family only one who is serving them hardly since than I have applied in many companies gave many interviews but not got selected in 1st, 2nd or 3rd rounds. I don’t want to leave any Facility, can do any work but don’t have Dare to Face this stage please Help if anyone can”, the post concluded.


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