Fiancé got sacked by Microsoft: Woman asks “Marry him or not”?

Recently in January, Microsoft laid off 10,000 employees. Just after this, An incident went viral when a woman turned to social media for advice after she claimed that her fiance was laid off by Microsoft in India.

The major companies laid off employees including Infosys, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Byju’s, Wipro, and Salesforce laid off a maximum number of workers globally.

According to, so far in 2023, Stay up-to-date on the latest layoffs across big tech, tech unicorns, and startups. So far in 2023, there have been 379 layoffs at tech companies with 113,082 people impacted (3,056 people per day). In 2022, there were 1,535 layoffs at tech companies, and 241,176 people were impacted.

Recently in January, Microsoft laid off 10,000 employees. One woman took to social media to ask netizens to help her make an important life decision amid the news of layoffs. The woman has claimed that her fiancé was laid off by Microsoft.

In an anonymous post shared on Blind, the woman said that the marriage was arranged by the families and the date was set for this month. But after her fiancé got laid off the woman is giving second thoughts about the marriage.

“It’s arranged marriage planned for Feb, he got laid off recently and my family is aware of it. I’m not sure if should I still marry him or not,” she wrote on Blind. The woman added that her prospective groom’s salary is “250K”.

The screenshot of the post was shared on Twitter by a user named @AbbakkaHypatia. It was supported with three points as well:

  • The first one involved the man securing a job as soon as possible and taking a later date of joining.
  • The second solution was that the women should marry him as his severance from the company can finance them.
  • Thirdly woman exposes herself as a “hypocrite” and calls off her marriage.

The post that was shared faced several reactions. One User wrote, “Another day, another gold digger being exposed. Marriage is a business transaction relying on a man to provide while the “strong, independent, woman” can leech off for life and get half his life’s hard work if she decides to call it quits. Hopefully, this guy saves himself.”

Other user wrote, “The girl working in Amazon should not marry him. She deserves better.”


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